CONZACE Multivitamins and Minerals for IMMUNITY

My dose of multivitamins and minerals today in one capsule–Conzace.

My husband and I had long been taking Conzace Multivitamins and Minerals, six years and five months to be exact. I can say that Conzace is one of our most trusted Unilab brand for my husband and myself.

Personally, I was first introduced to the product when I gave birth to my eldest daughter, Dindin. I underwent tremendous pain after my bag of water broke early. The contraction was induced and it was learned that my uterus was rather weak to the point of erupting. I endured pain for 27 hours in the labor room until I was finally processed for C-Section. But because of the horrendous time in the labor room, it took me a long time to recover. The pain lingered for even more than a month after I gave birth and I had bloody discharges.

It was a couple of days after I gave birth that I was able to take in some food and fluids. On the third day, my OB-Gyne recommended that I take Conzace as my vitamin and mineral supplement in the hospital. She also said that I should continue it after I was discharged. Shortly thereafter, my energy was revived and I felt stronger. The pain was still there, but I felt stronger and energized. On the third day, I was strong enough to visit my daughter at the breast feeding station. Not only that, it has sustained me while I adjusted to my role as a new breastfeeding mother who was still recuperating from her traumatic childbirth experience.

Even Superman takes Conzace. My husband taking his dose of Conzace for the day. Yes, he is our Superman and he takes Conzace.

That was more than six years ago. Since then, Conzace had been one of our trusted multivitamin brands, although we do rotate using other quality Unilab products. Hubby and I take Conzace most of the time. And whenever we feel like we are going down with something, hubby and I would immediately take a capsule and within a few hours of the same day, we feel better and whatever is making us feel bad is overcome by our body’s immunity and there is no need to take medication. We have experienced it that is why we trust Conzace. For us, this is the best.

On the company’s website, Conzace is described as, “a nutritional supplement that provides synergistic antioxidant properties that helps improve the body’s immune system, to fight against sickness.” And we believe that it is so because we have tried and proven it. Check out the Unilab website for other quality products.

The exclusive VIP (Very Immune Person) Travel Kit that hubby and I received from Conzace. We are so happy to receive these because we are avid users of this product and would highly recommend it to family and friends.

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