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Pest Off!
Mice and rats, your happy days are over!

rat and mice control
Get a chance be one of two lucky winners who will win this Pest Off! Rat and Mice Control products from Global Winds Corporation in cooperation with Sigrid Says.

Mice and rats are a common sight at home. We live in a commercial area and our immediate neighbors are a warehouse to the right and a vacant lot on the left that other neighbors use as a dumpsite. It is not surprising then we get a lot of pests and insects in the house. No matter how much we clean our home, we cannot control what goes on around us. We would hunt or trap the mice and rats but it seems that the rats are harder to catch. Last time, it ran away with a loaf of bread. Then it ate a big portion of my 1 kilo of oatmeal off our dining table. One even bit off an egg on the kitchen table!

They are really a pest and it’s hard to get rid of them. So I am enthusiastic to try these Pest Off! Mice and Rat Control products from Global Wind Corporation.

Pest Off! Ready-to-Use Cereal Bait contains second generation anti-coagulant compound called Brodifacoum, which efficiently and effectively eliminates rats and mice. Anti-coagulants prevent blood clotting that leads to internal hemorrhaging and eventually to the death of the mouse or rat. It is so much more effective because it only needs a single feed to take effect on the rodents.

Pest Off! Glue Boards, on the other hand, are the rat and mice catchers for modern living. Here are the reasons why:
1. Convenient. So easy to use because there’s no need for elaborate set-ups. When the mouse is trapped, it can be easily disposed, too.
2. Effective. When the rats or mice pass along their usual route where the boards are places, they will get easily trapped because of the strong adhesive. As they try to escape, they will stick some more on the adhesive.
3. Safe. The adhesive on the board is non-toxic. If in case some of the adhesive sticks on your hands, you can easily remove it with baby oil.
4. Reasonably priced. Glue boards are sold in sets of 2’s or 4’s, which comes out much cheaper than their competitor’s.
5. Lots of choices. There are different board sizes and materials that will suit rodent size. There are 8 variants to choose from. They are available in cheese and peanut scents.

How to Use Pest Off! Glue Boards
Pest-Off Glue Boards are easy to use. No need for complicated preparations. Just place them under the sink cabinet, near the garbage can, drainage holes, or areas where rodent activity is visible. Most of the time, you will notice rodent fecal matter that are appear as small and black pellets, holes, food or paper crumbs lying around the areas where the rodents have been present. Wait for a few days (or even just hours especially when the boards are placed at night) for these pesky creatures to be trapped in the glue. Dispose properly.

How do the Pest-Off Glue Boards Work
Pest-Off Glue Boards’ super adhesive glue practically looks like “water in a shallow container”. With this design, it somehow lures the rats and mice to drink because according to studies, rat’s main important consumption is water; they need ½ to 1 ounce of water as it cannot survive long without it. Furthermore, rats are omnivorous scavengers and would eat a wide variety of food – almost anything but mostly prefer grain, nuts (peanuts), milk, cheese, livestock feed, meat, fruits, vegetables and many more – hence the Pest-Off Glue Boards with cheese or peanut scent are available in the market.

So, rats may be “smart” but, dehydration and hunger is their weakness and we can actually “outsmart” them. Smart! Isn’t it?

Note: Pest Off Mice and Rat Control products are effective as long as used indoors in normal conditions. The room floor is neither oily or greasy and the room is not exposed to too much dust or sand.

About Pest Off!

Pest Off! is a trusted name in household pest control products here in the Philippines. The brand is owned by Global Winds Corporation, a duly registered company with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as a Household/Urban Hazardous Substances Distributor/Importer/Wholesaler. They distribute a wide variety of insect and rat control products for the home and even small commercial spaces. Pest Off! products are widely available nationwide in major grocery stores, supermarkets, and hardware stores.

Pest Off! Mice and Rat Control Giveaway
Would you like to try the Pest Off! Mice and Rat Control products? Join this easy giveaway and get a chance to win one (1) of two (2) sets of Pest Off! Mice and Rat Control products from Global Winds Corporation and Sigrid Says. One set is worth almost P1,000! Just check the Rafflecopter online form below for the things that you need to do to earn raffle entries. Promo period August 7-21, 2016.
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20 thoughts on “Pest Off Mice and Rat Control Products Feature + Blog Giveaway

  1. Hi Ms.Sigrid . I really do have problems when it comes to.rats and mice. I’m really afraid that those mice will come and bite us while sleeping which happened to one of our neighbor who lives next door.
    That’s why I really wish to win this contest so I can get rid off of those scary things that can cause many disease.
    Thank you to you and to Pest OFF for this giveaway. Whoever wins will be happy because the prize will be a big help for the rats and mice problem.

  2. Hope to win at this contest because we got many mice and rat at home and destroy our clothes and plug appliances and can leave food at the table and I have kids I want to prevent the disease they will bought at home .. Thanks for the chance

  3. i want to win because my kids are scared of rats and they always screamed when they see one,they also destroy my husband treasure speakers and my set of new tupperware :(,hoping to win this.

  4. I want to win this Pest Off products because I want to eliminate those mice roaming around our house that causes bacteria to multiple.. especially now that we have a baby coming to our family.

  5. There’s always someone on our rooftop! Grrrr I hate them when they are running and making noisy sounds. I want to win because they disturb my baby sleeps. Hoping for that pest be lost.

  6. I like to prevent this pest to multiply at home It causes harm and diseases and destroy some of our clothes and appliances.. Hoping to win here..

  7. We hate rats and mice. They smell bad and bite on stuff. They are icky. We would like to try these Pest Off products because honestly, we haven’t yet. 😀

  8. The rats and mice are getting smarter. Sometimes, our usual ways of trapping or poisoning them do not work anymore. I would like to win this contest and try out Pest off products. If they work, will look out for them in local stores. Thanks!

  9. I’ve been so irritated about how mice can bee seen at the floor every night whenever the lights are off. I am afraid they might bite me or my baby whenever we are sleeping or they might go to the table or bite my groceries. I want to be worry free and be safe from the disease it might bring to my family. I want to try Pest Off because I’ve been reading a lot of reviews about it. And I think it’s affordable but still has the quality of to finally get rid all those mice and rats conveniently.

  10. I want to win this so i can try how effective is this product in killing pests.. there are many mice roaming in our house and most of the time, its annoying especially when i wash the dishes its either they will run infront of the sink or in my feet! Its very irritating. I hate rats. And i want my kids to be safe also from their bites.

  11. My pest problem is yung pag may bisita kame bigla bigla na lang sila mag iingay nakakahiya tas minsan kakainun mo na lang mauunahan ka pa kaya gusto ko manalo para mawala na sila 🐭

  12. My daughter is really afraid of rats and mice so every time she can see it sa gilid ng bahay, she keeps on shouting and looks so scared. I am also afraid they might go into our food so it’s gonna be a danger to my family’s health that’s why I want to win.

  13. i see the mice foot prints as proof that we have mice even if i dont see them that why i want to win, so i can try make an end to the germ and bacteria they are spreading at home which could lead to sickness

  14. It’s good to know that you should see if a pest control company is licensed. My neighbor was telling me last night about how her kitchen has been having an ant issue for the past couple of days, and she can’t get rid of them on her own, so she wants to find a pest control service to help her with getting rid of them. I’ll make sure to pass these tips along to her so that she can know what to look for when searching for a pest control company.

  15. Great Guide! You have cleared and explained all the points so good! A well-written content! Those things we actually need to do after and before this service of pest control! You have given a good list! It was much needed by me. Thank you for this share!

  16. I’ll make sure to pass these tips along to my wife so that she can know what to look for when searching for a pest control company. Keep sharing
    Thank you.

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