Paul Walker Thought About the Philippines

Paul Walker. Photo from the internet.

RIP + Paul Walker.

Paul Walker, the famous lead actor of the Fast & Furious franchise, died in a car crash and I feel there is no justice in his death. He was in a charity event organized for the victims of Typhoon Yolanda (international name: Haiyan) when he left the party and went out with a friend for a spin in the other guy’s new car. And in a few minutes, they both died and their remains turned into ashes along with the car. What a tragedy!

I never really thought that I would make a tribute post for him because I am not really a fan of the movie (unlike some of my friends who I just learned are so much into the franchise and into Paul Walker). I have not really followed the movies, so I haven’t seen his work. But learning that Walker thought about our countrymen and did efforts to help our country made me want to take my hat off to him.

And what made me respect him more is that, he did not want his name heralded. He came to the Philippines and visited Tacloban without much fanfare. Nope, there was no press trailing after him, posting photos and tidbits about him by the minute on social media. Instead, he went back home and raised money for the Philippines. And after that, I have read of many reports of him helping strangers, including paying for the wedding jewelry of a couple that he overheard in a jewelry shop but who couldn’t afford what they liked. He did not tell them, but he paid for their bill. That is why he is someone worthy of my respect. And I am announcing it here.

The world just lost one good man. It’s a shame that he was gone too early. May his legacy live on. Goodbye Paul Walker. May many men follow after your footsteps.

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