OLX Celebrates Success in Cebu and Launches Deal Hub


OLX Philippines celebrates another milestone year in Cebu as the company reported significant growth among its Cebu-based users.  Online buyers and sellers have steadily patronized the site and has significantly contributed to the company’s growth after two years of expansion in the region. The OLX reports that mobile phones and tablets top the list of items that Cebuanos mostly buy and sell in the platform.

“Our number of users has been steadily growing since we started operations in Cebu. It is currently three times larger compared to our figures from the previous year,” said OLX Sr. Marketing Manager for Cebu Regina Aguilar in her speech during the company’s anniversary celebration held recently at the Cebu Quest Hotel and Conference Center. “As Cebuanos aspire to upgrade or keep up with the latest trend, OLX becomes a preferred avenue for them to achieve their goal. Some sell their pre-owned smartphones to fund the purchase of the newest model while some are able to purchase the latest smartphones at a cost that they can afford,” explains Aguilar.

Other in demand items being traded at the OLX platform are pre-owned cars, clothing, and computers. Their Real Estate category has also gained popularity as it becomes the go-to platform of people wanting to buy or rent properties in Cebu. Paid ads from real estate sellers helped double the revenue of the company in Cebu that has been heavily promoting the usage of free ads in its platform.

The OLX Deal Hub

To further support the needs of its growing users, OLX has also revamped its Cebu office to serve as a more secure and comfortable meet-up place and they call it the Deal Hub. “Our Deal Hub aims to ensure the safety of the our buyers and sellers transacting on our platform. They can go there if they want to do further inspection of the item, to seek assistance in using our platform, or to simply connect with other OLXers who are also having their meet-ups,” said Aguilar.

The Deal Hub also now accepts over-the-counter payment for OLX Gold, which is the platform’s online currency for paid ad slots and ad boosting.

“We’ve only scratched the surface of online commerce in Cebu. We see OLX committing more investments in Cebu and making significant contributions to Cebu’s economy as our platform becomes more valuable in the lives of Cebuanos and their communities,” said Aguilar.

The OLX Anniversary Promo

As an anniversary treat, OLX invites all Cebuanos to post an ad on OLX using the mobile app to experience a bilib moment plus a chance to win a trip for four to local dream destinations and Php100,000 buying spree on OLX as a bonus. This promo ends on April 8.

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