Nonoy Zuñiga and Rey Valera in Bacolod

Nonoy Zuñiga and Rey Valera in Bacolod

Nonoy Zuñiga and Rey Valera in Bacolod Concert


Nonoy Zuñiga and Rey Valera

Acclaimed musician Nonoy Zuñiga and singer-songwriter Rey Valera are coming to Bacolod for a back to back concert! Fans of these duo can catch their timeless songs on December 7, 2017, 7:oo in the evening at the SMX Convention Center, Bacolod City.

Nonoy Zuñiga and Rey Valera
Glow – a back to back concert by Nonoy Zuñiga and Rey Valera on December 7, 2017 at the SMX.


The concert is entitled Glow, simply because the major presenter of the event is Luminous Glutathione, of which Mr. Zuñiga. He explains that Luminous comes in a patch, so it is easier and more convenient to use. And he says it actually works because he also uses it himself. He says he likes it better than injections because the latter is “masakit (painful)”.

Nonoy Zuñiga and Rey Valera in Bacolod
The Glow concert will also be graced by Jolianne Salvado.

Zuñiga, who is also a physician by profession, visited Bacolod last month to promote his concert. He said that he and his good friend Rey Valera have prepared production numbers. They have personally picked their concert repertoire, making references to old-time hitmakers like Doon Lang, Live for Love, and Never Ever Say Goodbye.

Special guest of Glow concert is Jolianne Salvado, a 14-year-old singer from Cebu. She is one of the singers in Mr. Zuñiga’s Cebuano collaboration.

Preserving His Voice

Mr. Zuñiga already charmed the Bacolod media because of his charming personality. And he obliged us with a sampling of what’s in store at the concert when he rendered parts of his well-loved song, Doon Lang.

When asked how he managed to keep his soothing and cool voice all these years, Mr. Zuñiga has simple things to say. Primarily, he said, he keeps himself healthy. Aside from keeping fit physically, he also attributes his health to a good working attitude, both towards work and towards people. He continues to appreciate his fans and he always tries to keep a humble heart.

Nonoy Zuñiga and Rey Valera in Bacolod
Walang kupas, Mr. Nonoy Zuñiga

After doing 20 albums and countless of concerts for more than 40 years, his voice is still golden.

Concert Beneficiary

The Glow Back to Back Concert will benefit the Kalipay Negrense Foundation.

Kalipay Negrense Foundation, Inc is a non-profit foundation working for the causes of disadvantaged children. These are the homeless, physically and sexually abused, malnourished, out of school, and even special children. They hope to break the cycle of hopelessness in the children’s lives by introducing them to education and by providing shelter, health care, and counseling.

Nonoy Zuñiga and Rey Valera in Bacolod
Mr. Nonoy Zuñiga with Ms. Anna Balcells of Kalipay Negrense Foundation.

For more information on how you can help, visit their website:

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