Negros Museum Cafe Marks 5 Years of Serving Good Quality Food


Negros Museum Cafe
5 years of serving fresh, organic
farm to table food.

negros museum Cafe
Our all-time favorite–grilled pork belly served with brown rice and garden salad made of available vegetables, whether fresh candied, or pickled.

The Negros Museum Cafe celebrated their 5th anniversary last week. That means five years of continually bringing good food on the table–dishes that are made from the freshest organic ingredients that can be found around the province of Negros Occidental–from the mountains to the sea.

Chef Guido NIjssen of Negros Museum Cafe
Chef Guido NIjssen and wife Gemma during the 5th anniversary celebration of the Negros Museum Cafe.

Dutch chef Guido Nijssen, who has already settled here in Bacolod as his second home, with his wife Gemma, are both proponents of the farm to table as well as slow-cooked practices in preparing food. The results are dishes oozing with natural goodness, flavors not enhanced by artificial additives, so they are filling, satisfying, and of course, healthy. At the Museum Cafe, the good chef has proven that healthy food can be very tasty and greatly satisfying. My husband, who usually eats big portions, was surprised how full he was after a serving of their regular pork meal with brown rice and salad. And well, for me, it surely elevates your dining experience that you are in the museum building, surrounded by greens, and of course, artworks of different forms. Aside from their regular menu, the Museum Cafe also has some Chef’s Specials from time to time, depending on the availability of natural ingredients that the chef has sourced from the markets, from orchards, from the farm, etc. Then he would create the most wonderful creations out of them.

About the Negros Museum Cafe

Negros Museum Cafe specializes in natural food made from scratch, including their artisan bread that they bake fresh daily. They also make their own ham, smoked bacon, and even the cheese that they use on their dishes. To stay true to their mission, they don’t serve carbonated drinks–only fresh juices made from organic fruits and other ingredients. Every week, they have specials on their menu made from fresh ingredients found seasonally from the markets. All the dishes are prepared based on the Classic International Kitchen, made from local products that are available as organic, but with a Filipino twist. You can have lunch or dinner in the Phinma Galery in The Negros Museum or at the terrace under the are-old trees.
Negros Museum Cafe

For their fifth anniversary, the Negros Museum Cafe celebrated with an artistic flare–live music by some talented musicians in Bacolod, a live oil painting exhibition by known Bacolod artist Joan Honoridez (Joan of Art), a display of organic produce, and of course, their signature hors d’oeuvres every minute. Yum! Congratulations Negros Museum Cafe! Check out the photos.

Negros Museum Cafe hors d'oeuvres
Finger foods served every 30 minutes.
Negros Museum Cafe
Watalappan–a Sri Lanka custard made of coconut milk. Sweet!
Negros Museum Cafe
Smoked grilled blue marlin pie served with mayo-caper sauce. Love!
Negros Museum Cafe
Made of pure beef and turmeric and skewered with pickled shallots. So good!
Negros Museum Cafe
Chef Guido slicing the pie.
Negros Museum Cafe
Organic fruits and veggies sold at the Museum Cafe

Negros Museum Cafe
Negros Museum, Gatuslao St.
Bacolod City
Open daily from 10am to 10pm
Cash payments only

Negros Museum Cafe
Menu at Negros Museum Cafe
Joan of Art at the Negros Museum Cafe
Joan Honoridez (Joan of Art) does a live exhibition of pallet and oil painting.
Negros Museum Cafe
Musicians took turns entertaining the guests for the anniversary dinner.

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