Negros Bloggers Workout Challenge at Sam’s Slim Gym Bacolod


Stop complaining. Stop wishing.
Start working.

This had been a really busy year for the Negrense Blogging Society Inc., otherwise known as the Negros Bloggers, because more and more companies are inviting us and trusted us with their brands. With that, it seems that not a week passes by without eating out and bringing home food gifts. Of course, all of that resulted in our weight gain.

We thought of working out to, you know, sorta “neutralize” whatever we eat. And thanks to the generosity of Sam’s Slim Gym owned by multi-awarded bodybuilding Samuel Solon, we were given free workout passes at his gym. That was two months ago. But since working out involves flexing muscles, it took a lot of time for me to gather the will power to start. That is why it was only yesterday when I decided to start working out.

Sam's Slim Gym
Sam’s Slim Gym is located at 3rd Flr., JTL Bldg., BS Aquino drive, Bacolod City.

When I decided last weekend to start Monday, I was hell-bent on doing so. I knew that if I stalled again, I may never decide to go to a Bacolod gym. And you know what, yesterday morning I had a bout with allergic rhinitis so I had to take antihistamine and was groggy during the day. Then there was the issue of Typhoon Nona, which is now in the Philippine Area of Responsibility and has brought heavy rains. But still, I persisted and went to the gym.

weigh loss challenge at Sam's Slim Gym
Working hard with the trainer, Rugee Guardamano.

And although I am quite sore and tired from my whole body workout this afternoon, I am happy that I did this for myself.

My whole body workout for beginners lasted for about an hour from warm up to cool down, but when I got in the car, I was ready to doze off. When I got home, I took a hot bath and fell asleep. Gee, my body badly needs this workout.

Workout challenge at Sam's Slim Gym
I forgot what this is for, though Rugee was very patient in explaining things. Just following instructions.
Workout challenge at Sam's Slim Gym
Arm workouts. Gotta work them out. Loose and saggy, if I may say so.

The Negros Bloggers workout challenge is not really a contest so we are not working out for the prize here. We are working out for ourselves to attain our former glorious bods. haha So I will stop wishing and looking at my Facebook pictures in the past and wondering if ever I will achieve it. Instead, I will work at achieving my weight goals. Looking forward to losing even just at least 20 lbs.

Date: December 12, 2015
Starting weight: 130 lbs.
Target weight: 110 lbs.

So let’s mark this date. Then I will tackle the next challenge, which is spelled as D-I-E-T. I know that I won’t be able to get back to my diet in the past, but my goal is to eat healthier and be stronger because I still have very young kids. But this is going to be quite the challenge. So God help me. 😀


At Sam’s Slim Gym, the place is clean, has a restroom with tissue paper, and an instructor who will guide you on what to do. They also have encouraging posters all over the walls as well as a guide for newbies. Monthly fee here is P500 for unlimited visits; P700 if you want to use the treadmill. Pretty good deal. Visit them at the 3rd Flr., JTL Bldg., BS Aquino drive, Bacolod City.

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