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How to have the perfect nails always — nail care tips from Nailaholics Nail Salon and Spa.

Perfect nails - nailaholics
Here are some tips on ow to have the perfect nails.

It’s NATIONAL PAMPERING DAY today (October 17) at the Nailaholics Salon and Spa and it’s a big celebration! That is because at Nailaholics, they are taking your nails and your comfort as their topmost priority.

Nailaholics - girls day out
Girls Day Out. My daughters and I at Nailaholics at SM City Bacolod. All of us had manis and pedis.

Aside from getting your mani and pedi done, you may also win free services from Nailaholics. It is their business to give you flawless manicure and pedicure.

Nailaholics at SM Bacolod
Nailaholics at SM Bacolod during National Pampering Day

How to Have the Best Mani-Pedi

Here are some insider tips from the expert nail technicians of Nailaholics on how to have the best mani-pedi and how to have perfect nails.

1. Moisture. Moisturize your nails before getting your manicure and pedicure. Hydrated nail beds protect the nails and cause less nail breakage and chips.

2. Base coat. Always use a BASE COAT before applying nail color. The base protects your nails from staining. It also acts as a great adhesive for the polish so that you will enjoy lasting color on your nails.

3. Light strokes. Apply thin coats of color for every layer. This will make the nail polish dries faster and wouldn’t produce air bubbles.

4. Wait. Space out your application between coats to make sure that the nail polish adheres properly to its base. A few minutes will do.

Nailaholics - perfect nails quote
At Nailaholics, they say that “Life is not perfect but your nails can be.”

5. 1D. No, I am not talking about the defunct singing group One Direction. Apply you nail polish in one direction. But towards the end, make horizontal swipes across the tip (along the edge) of your nails after your final coat to seal in color and to protect your nails against chipping.

6. Get it cold. If you are in a hurry, you may dip your tips in ice cold water to harden the nail polish faster.

7. Top coat. To extend the life as well as the shine of your manicure, apply really thin coats of topcoat every other day.

8. Protect. When you are doing the dishes or anything that gets your nails soaked, be sure to wear gloves. Water expands the nail bed and causes the nail polish to chip.

Nailaholics - nail care tips
Soaking your hands and feet in water is not good for your nail polish.

9. Oil it. Cuticle oil helps freshen up your manicure and also moisturize your hand.

10. Skin vs. nails. We all use some kind of skin care products. But there are certain kinds that can cause your nail polish to dull and discolor. Some of the products that can affect your polish are sunscreen and mosquito repellants

So these are the tips on having the perfect nails. And you can experience it first-hand when you visit Nailaholics Nail Salon and Spa where you can relax and have beautiful nails afterwards.

Nailaholics Salon and Spa Bacolod
National Pampering Day at Nailaholics Nail Salon and Spa.

In Bacolod

Nailaholics Nail Salon and Spa is located at the third floor of SM City Bacolod north wing, across SMX Convention Center.

Nailaholics - mani and pedi for kids
The little one is happy and giggly.
Nailaholics at SM City Bacolod
The staff of Nailaholics Nail Salon and Spa at SM City Bacolod.

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