Git Fit with SigridSays at Fitness Mecca

Git Fit with SigridSays at Fitness Mecca

Moms #GetFitwithSigridSays at FITNESS MECCA


Moms’ Journey to Fitness

Fitness Mecca mommy fitness journey
Two of the three lucky winners of #GetFitWithSigridSays at Fitness Mecca- Ivy (left) and Barbie (right). All photos on this post are by Jerancy Antonio.

Three lovely mommies from Bacolod are going to join me in this fitness journey at Fitness Mecca Bacolod — the newest fitness gym with cutting edge equipment. About two weeks ago, I launched a giveaway on this blog, entitled #GetFitwithSigridSays at Fitness Mecca. And now, here are the three (3) lucky winners:

Barbie Villarosa Montelibano
Ivy Ignalaga Ojera
Natasheen Tan

All three winners will each get a three-month FREE GYM MEMBERSHIP worth P7,500. They will have access to the all the equipment, amenities, and group classes at Fitness Mecca. Our agreement is that, we will work out for three months on our own pace and availability and we will see what happens by the end of January.

Fitness Mecca Bacolod gym
I really appreciate the personal trainers at Fitness Mecca.

So for now, let’s meet our lucky mommies.

Fitness Mecca Bacolod
Meet Mommy Barbie, age 49.

Barbie Villarosa Montelibano, Age: 49

Height: 4’11” * Weight: 144 lbs.
Occupation: Caterer, Workshop Facilitator
Mommy Barbie has always been fit when she was young. She danced ballet in her teens, danced in her 20s, and shifted to mountain climbing in her 30s. But eventually, priorities shifted and now she found herself in a heavy set situation. She would like to lose at least 20 lbs., gain more energy, and also to live a healthier lifestyle. She has two daughters–Jyka, 23 ang Jorgia, 15.

Fitness Mecca Bacolod
Mommy Ivy, age 39.

Ivy Ignalaga Ojera, Age: 39

Height: 4’11” * Weight: 146 lbs.
Occupation: Operations Manager for a retail brand
Mommy Ivy tells us that she has elevated cholesterol levels and is also suffering from heartburn due to stress. She used to go to the gym but because of her hectic schedule, she stopped. Stress plus the unlimited food choices that she faces every time she travels contribute to her unnecessary weight gain. She aims to lose at least 15 lbs. and commits to work out everyday. She has two daughters–Louise, 16 and Arkeexa, 9.

Natasheen Tan, Age: 25

Height: 5’3″ | Weight: 154.5 lbs.
Occupation: Online freelancer
Mommy Natasheen has gained a lot of weight after having her first baby. She wants to get back in shape but more than that, she wants to get over her anxiety through fitness. She says that lately, her palpitations are getting more frequent, which triggers the panic attacks. Her main reason to go to the gym is to become healthier. “I realized that I need to be a good example to my daughter in living a healthy lifestyle.” She would like to lose 40 lbs in three months if it’s possible. She is going to start slow, working out three to four times a week for an hour or two until she is strong enough to work out every day. She was not able to join us during our pictorial because her daughter was hospitalized. That’s just how unpredictable life is for moms, which is the reason why our health often takes the back seat.

And finally me.

Fitness Mecca Bacolod gym
Mommy Sigrid, age 42.

Maria Sigrid Lo Age: 42

Height: 4’10” | Weight: 130 lbs.
Occupation: Writer, Blogger
When I reached 39, I noticed that my metabolism became slower. It seems that I just pile on the weight with whatever I eat. Blood sugar and cholesterol levels are getting over the normal limits. I am always tired, suffering from knee, back, and neck pains. Though I don’t really care about how I look, my knee problem is bothering me because I live on the third floor and I am already limping when I go up the stairs. I would just take painkillers to relieve me of the pain, but it always comes back. So I needed to do something drastic to lose weight. Hence, this journey to a healthier lifestyle.

Follow our fitness journey on this blog as trainers from Fitness Mecca will help us achieve our goals.

Fitness Mecca Bacolod gym
Spinning is fun with friends
Fitness Mecca Bacolod gym
On the treadmill.

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