Miramonti Batangas - Green development - green building

Miramonti Batangas - Green development - green building

Green Building: Why Invest in Miramonti Batangas


Miramonti: A Green Building in Batangas

ITALPINAS Development Corp. (IDC) will soon raise its new mixed-use green development project – Miramonti Batangas.

Miramonti Batangas - green development - green building
Three green buildings are soon rising. Watch out for Miramonti Batangas.

Located in in Sto. Tomas, Batangas, the project will happen in two successive phases. It will consist of three towers, each of them featuring IDC’s characteristic Italian aesthetic. It will also utilize architectural features for an environmentally-friendly living experience to its users.

Passive Green Features in Miramonti Batangas

In keeping with IDC’s design philosophy, passive green features will be incorporated in the buildings. This real estate development has features that promote cooling, shading, ventilation, and other functions through architectural design. That means that excessive power consumption can be prevented.  

As a result, end-users of Miramonti Batangas will enjoy superior comfort and convenience. But at the same time, they save money on power and water bills.

Bright Prospects

IDC will pour in about P750 Million for Phase 1 of the project. It has a projected gross revenue of P1.2 billion from sales of residential and parking units, excluding recurring lease income from commercial units. Phase 1 will consist of a 21-storey tower atop a podium structure. It will be built at a strategically chosen crossroads in Sto. Tomas.

Miramonti Batangas will have a mix of residential and commercial components, providing a complete, self-contained experience for its users. Each floor of the residential tower will have studio type units with sizes ranging from 22 to 28 square meters and 1 bedroom unit with size of 44 square meters.

Investors will have the option to combine multiple units to create larger, multi-room apartments if they prefer.

Romulo Nati, the Chairman and CEO of IDC who helped design the project together with Filipino architects, said that Phase 1 is planned for turnover in 2021.

The Inspiration for Miramonti

“Miramonti is an Italian name, which means, ‘viewing the mountains”, Nati disclosed. “The mountainous terrain in this part of Batangas, including the beauty of Mount Makiling, is part of my inspiration for creating the Miramonti design.”  

He added that inspite of the fresh air and mountain breezes at Miramonti, it is still only 45 minutes from Metro Manila. Plus, it is directly accessible by expressway from Makati, NAIA, Alabang, and the Batangas Port.

Miramonti Batangas - green development - green building
Checking the future Miramonti Green Residences: (left) Jojo Leviste, President of IDC and Architect Romolo Nati Chairman and CEO of IDC.

IDC also harnesses parametric green design strategies in all its projects. “This means that we gather data about the climactic conditions of the exact project location, and use parametric software to generate the best possible model to perform in those exact conditions” Nati explained.  

“We have gathered data about the wind speed, wind direction, temperature, and also the angle of the sun as it moves through the sky at all different times of the year. Parametric design informs how to optimize building performance (in cooling, shading, natural lighting, and ventilation, and other criteria) within these exact conditions. In this way, the building design is tailor-made for its location.”

EDGE Certification

Miramonti Batangas is being accredited as an EDGE-certified “Green Building”. EDGE means Excellence in Design for Greater Efficiencie. It is the rating system used by the International Finance Corporation, a member of the World Bank group, for certifying environmentally friendly developments. All previous IDC projects have also been EDGE-accredited.

After selling out its maiden project, Primavera Residences in Primavera City, Cagayan de Oro City, Miramonti is IDC’s first project in Luzon. IDC anticipates that the market for Miramonti will include professionals and young families. There will also be local and expatriate personnel of the various corporations with headquarters and production centers in the area.

Property Management Services

Property Management services will be offered. This will enable unit owners to profit not only from long term asset appreciation, but also from short term recurring rental income. It’s a win-win situation for investors in a hassle-free way.  

IDC expects that this opportunity would be a good fit for Filipino expatriates abroad (20% of whom come from Calabarzon), allowing them to own an asset back home, and make recurring returns from the asset while they are away. Atty. Jojo Leviste, IDC President, said that the dynamics of the southern Tagalog region are reminiscent of what IDC encountered in its maiden project in Cagayan de Oro.

Miramonti Batangas - green development - green buildings
L to R: Municipal Vice Mayor of Sto. Tomas Batangas Armenius Silva; . Councilor Florence Mabilangan; Cresenciano Ramos Jr.; Romolo Nati; and Jose “Jojo” Leviste III during the groundbreaking ceremonies.

“At first, we were advised that Cagayan de Oro would be unready for IDC’s style of development, but we disagreed. CdO is a dynamic city, very energetic, and full of growth. We came into CdO at the beginning of its upswing in growth, and it has been a great experience to participate in that.”

Levisted added that in Batangas, they are in a similar situation again. “The corridor between Manila and Batangas Port, as served by the existing expressway and future extensions, is a natural channel for ongoing economic development to surge through. We chose Sto. Tomas in order to position ourselves at its hub,” Leviste added.

For more information on Miramonti Batangas, visit their website and social media accounts. This might be a good investment for you.


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  1. What a fantastic development this is! The design of Miramonti Batangas is fefinitely the way of the future. To design buildings this way that are as green and eco-friendly as possible. Aside from this, the towers look really stylish in their architecture.

    1. I actually think its a great way to help improve the environment and hope that this is something that we can do moving forward! I can’t wait to share this design at Miramonti Batangas with a few of my friends who are architects!

  2. I like that Miramonti was inspired by the mountainous terrain part of Batangas and Mount Makiling. I’m glad its environmentally friendly for its users. We need more green buildings like this.

  3. I’ve never heard of Miramonti Batangas before but it sounds like a great opportunity! They look like they are going to be beautiful! Plus, the buildings are eco-friendly!

  4. I think it’s fantastic that they are designing and building in ways that are better for the environment. I think it would be interesting to visit and invest in Miramonti Batangas.

  5. this Miramonti Batangas project looks awesome! I wish I could live in something like this and have my own kind of park on the rooftop with a swimming pool 😉

  6. I might be the least educated person on the planet, but I had to read to where you mention Manila to understand where Miramonti or Batangas was. However, the project looks really great.

  7. I really love the concept of environmentally friendly buildings. Not only are they good for the environment, but they are also good for the overall health and wellness of the occupants. We need more companies like this leading the way on these types of projects!

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