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Mexicali SM Bacolod




Mexicali SM Bacolod – a new Bacolod restaurant – brings the flavors of a California-Mexican Kitchen. Here at SM City Bacolod north wing.

Mexicali at SM Bacolod - Bacolod restaurant
Mexicali at SM Bacolod.

Tex-Mex Food

I love Tex-Mex food and got curious when I was invited at the opening of MEXICALI SM Bacolod. This new concept Bacolod restaurant is quite small with only a few tables. But you will also like dining in such a festive atmosphere. During peak hours, I’m pretty sure it’s gonna be difficult to secure a seat here, as there are just so many diners at SM Bacolod. The market is huge.

Nevertheless, Mexicali brings you some of the good things from a Mexican-California Kitchen. This new Bacolod restaurant, as long as it maintains service and quality, will surely be a hit around here.

Mexicali SM Bacolod
The interiors of Mexicali at SM Bacolod. There are a few tables outside, too.

Top Food Picks at Mexicali SM Bacolod

Here are my top three (3) food picks that I thoroughly enjoyed at Mexicali.

Mexicali Carnitas with Rice

This dish was made into somewhat like pulled pork but it’s really flavorful and satisfying. I am not sure if carnitas is supposed to be prepared that way, as I have tried one that doesn’t look and taste like this, but hey, as long as it tastes good, right? It is served with salad greens, salsa, and rice. P318 this plate.

Mexicali Bacolod Carnitas
Carnitas with rice and salad.

Mexicali Picadillo Quesadilla

The picadillo quesadilla is the tortilla cheese sandwich with Mexican ground beef. I like it because their beef filling is flavorful. And don’t forget to dip it in the yogurt sauce because it surely enhances the flavor some more. P180 per order (4 slices).

Mexicali quesadilla - Bacolod restaurant
Mexicali quesadilla with Mexican ground beef.

Mexicali Chili Con Carne with Nachos

They are serving the traditional chili con carne topped with grated cheddar cheese. The sauce is mildly spicy and the red chili beans are abundant with every spoonful. Mix it well with the cheese and top it on the nachos (or was it tortilla chips) that are served with it. A lovely snack!  P129.

Mexicali chili con carne - Bacolod restaurant
Chili con carne with chips

Other Tex-Mex Dishes You Might Like

Of course, there are other things that you might like — I just ranked the top 3 that I liked. Of course, they have the enchilada meal, the burritos served in three ways (I had the San Diego style), and as a side dish, have some potato wedges, too. These are really good that I know both kids and young at heart will love.

Mexicali potato wedges
Potato wedges. Sorry, I forgot the price, but this is really good so order this as a siding to your main meal.
Mexicali burritos - Bacolod restaurant
This is their beef burrito served with chips. I like it because it is meaty, as in with slices of beef, but there’s flavor and aroma that I am looking for that I didn’t quite find. But I think there are those who will already find this pretty good.
Mexicali arroz ala cubana - Bacolod restaurant
The arroz ala cubana is a satisfying meal for some. This one, however, I found it too saucy. It tastes good, but just not quite the one I am looking for. At least you know how it looks like.
Mexicali nachos - Bacolod restaurant
The nachos that’s good for sharing. This is pretty good for a big group. I appreciated the fact that it had pickled Jalapeños but I dunno why it didn’t taste as good as what I had before in a different restaurant. It lacked flavor. But well, that’s just the way it is prepared here.
Mexicali Bacolod restaurant
Soyrizo taco salad.
Mexicali enchiladas - Bacolod restaurant
Enchiladas with rice and salad. It’s pretty good but you have to eat it immediately. But I would rather have it without rice, just the salad.

It sure is nice to bring your entire family here for a great family meal bonding times. Or maybe, you can drag the whole gang here. There’s surely a lot of pica-pica here that you can share.

Mexicali SM Bacolod is located at the ground floor, north wing, of SM City Bacolod.


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