Metroclick photobooks Bacolod

Metroclick photobooks Bacolod

METROCLICK PHOTOBOOKS Bacolod Keeps Beautiful Memories Intact



In Bacolod, if you need photobooks and other photo print requirements, contact Metroclick Digital.

Metroclick photobooks
The two photobooks for my daughters printed by Metroclick Digital.

We are people who love to take pictures of our loved ones, places, and events. While in this day and age most people just store photo in digital storage media as well as online, it is still different when you have some of the printed and kept, like in a photobook.

Photobooks are Love

I am one mother who loves to take photos of my children, especially their fashionable get ups, their activities, and our travels. And while I store our digital photos in an external hard drive, I also upload most of them on Facebook. Plus I pick out the special shots, design them into a digital collage using Photoshop, and then have it printed, either per piece for regular albums and our picture frames to be hanged on the wall, or in a photobook.

Bacolod Photobook Printing

In Bacolod, one such shop offering the photobook printing service is Metroclick Digital, located at the Jomabo Centre, Rizal-Lacson Streets, Bacolod City (in front of Business Inn). Their photobooks come in different sizes and finish. Number of pages can also differ, depending on the number of photos that you have or what you can afford. They have an in-house graphics designer who can do the layout for you and they can package the cost of the photobook.

Or you can do the design yourself like I did and just had it printed there so that you can get your photobook at a discounted rate. It took about five working days turn around time for my two 5″ x 7″ photobooks, which I designed. I just submitted my digital files stored in a USB, which I left with the staff for processing.

Metroclick photobooks
Each page is printed on photopaper and mounted in such a way that you can open each page completely and it does not warp in the middle.

Metroclick Photobook Sizes

Here are the photobook sizes available at Metroclick.

  • 5″x 7″
  • 7″ x 5″
  • 8″ x 10″
  • 10″ x 8″
  • 10″ x 10″
  • 11″ x 14″
  • 12″ x 18″
Metroclick photobooks
You can put labels on the spines for easy location on a bookshelf.

These are available in photobook with thick pages with printing on photo paper and also the leather type. Prices vary and since they change, I suggest you call them for inquiries. I included their telephone numbers below. You may opt to have 20, 30, 40, 50, or 60 pages for each book. They also have the magnetic type photobook that’s only available for 8″ x 10″ (8R). Or better yet, visit them to see samples of what they can offer.

Metroclick photobooks
Our photobooks have 40 pages each. So each one is a pretty thick and heavy book.

I am just so happy that I was able to have these two photobooks printed at Metroclick Digital here in Bacolod. Now, two of the special events in my daughter’s lives are on paper and bound in a book….makes my heart swell with joy. <3 They are so happy about it and I’m sure that in the future, they will thank me for these.

Metroclick photobooth
Other services by Metroclick. They are one of the most sought-after photobooth providers in Bacolod City.

Metroclick Digital Services

Aside from photobooks, Metroclick Digital offers glossy and matte photo printing of different sizes, photobooth rental, photo magnet, photo strips, Polaroid, Photoman, and Flipbook.

Metroclick photobooth
They provide accessories as well as customized speech bubbles with their photobooth for a specific event.

They take pride in their photobooth services because they provide elegant setups, customized speech bubbles, accessories, and other magnetic boards during the event. They also have helpful staff to assist you during the event.

Metroclick digital
The have a frame like this for photomagnets.

Metroclick Digital also uses a good quality camera with ample lighting as well as a high-resolution printer so that these photo keepsakes look good and last long, too. These event photo booth packages start at P4,000 only.

Metroclick photobooth
Metroclick provides elegant set ups for their photobooths.
Metroclick photobooth
Metroclick offers stunning layous and prints for photobooth outputs.

For inquiries and reservations, please visit Metroclick Digital at the Jomabo Centre, Rizal-Lacson Streets, Bacolod City. Or call Tel. No. (034) 213-0463 or 433-8204.

Metroclick photobooks
Metroclick office

Metroclick Digital

Jomabo Centre, Rizal-Lacson Streets, Bacolod City
(in front of Business Inn)
Tel. No. (034) 213-0463 or 433-8204
FB page:


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