Krispy Kreme Bacolod Holds Media Tour, Opening on December 6

The red hot neon sign at the Krispy Kreme Bacolod factory store. This will light up every time a fresh batch of doughnuts is baked.
Rows of freshly baked doughnuts arranged in neat rows.

Krispy Kreme Bacolod held three private events for the media and some VIPs today at their factory store at SM City Bacolod prior to their grand opening on December 6.

We were treated to samplings of their different doughnut varieties as well as their coffee creations. Then we were allowed to tour their kitchen where the process of making doughnuts was explained to us.

Kitkat Chocolate Filled doughnut with cold drinks.

Bacolod is just so excited to welcome Krispy Kreme Doughnuts in our midst. And on opening day, they have the Golden Ticket promo for those who will line up early. The first one to line up and purchase a dozen doughnuts will gets a Golden Ticket that will entitle him or her a one-year supply of doughnuts and coffee. The second in line will be awarded the Silver Ticket and will receive a six-month supply. The third will get three months’ worth of doughnuts and coffee while the fourth to the 100th customer will get a month’s supply. They say that this is really competitive and some people are willing to camp out for two nights just to get the much-coveted prizes.

My daughter Dindin tagged along at the event and she enjoyed it very much because she was allowed to tour the kitchen and also decorate her own doughnut. What a lovely experience for her! She was so proud of her creations that she showed them off in a picture. 😀 I did not have to take care of her much during the event because the friendly staff just took the effort to accommodate her. So thank you very much!

Being the only kid around, Dindin gets a guided tour of the kitchen. Then she gets a freshly baked doughnut.
Dindin gets to decorate her own doughnut. She was pretty thrilled with the experience! 😀
Dindin is proud of her creations!
Dindin says Kripy Kreme is “Awesome!”

How Krispy Kreme Doughnuts Are Made

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts are made from a special dough that get passed through a machine called the “extruder”. It is then dropped into the conveyor to fry. After several minutes, the doughnuts are moved and flipped to fry the other side. Yes, they have to be flipped to even out the cooking process because it is not deep-fried. After it is cooked through, the doughnuts move to be glazed. Afterwards, a person uses a dowel stick to sort through the glazed doughnuts. After a fresh batch is made, the red neon sign outside lights up so that people will know about it.

From the extruder, the doughnuts are fried.
The doughnuts that have already been flipped continue to fry.
Cooked doughnuts being glazed.
When done, the doughnuts are manually sorted using a dowel stick to prevent damage.
The doughnuts are packed and ready for our take out. haha
At the counter, the well-trained and friendly staff serve coffee and doughnuts.

They say that they do not use a clamp because they don’t want to destroy the looks. They are very particular about appearances, as they want their doughnuts to look perfect. Those that do no look too good are discarded. After sorting, the doughnuts are then packed and ready to be sold to waiting customers.

The entire process from the dough to the sorting takes one hour. I was told that this machine can make 64 dozens of doughnuts in one hour! Whew! That’s a lot!

The Krispy Kreme Bacolod Store at SM City Bacolod.
The interior dining area. Clients can see what’s going on in the kitchen.

Visit Krispy Kreme Bacolod is located at the ground floor of SM City Bacolod north wing expansion.

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