Is Johnny Depp Engaged?

These are the changing looks of Johnny Depp’s former flame, Vanessa Paradis. Her most recent photo is the one on the left–with dark, short, curly locks. That’s how she looked after it was reported that Mr. Depp got engaged to his new girlfriend. Photos from the internet.

Talks are circulating that A-list actor Johnny Depp has already asked the hand of his new girlfriend Amber Heard in marriage. And I ask, what?

I really wonder why because if I remember it correctly, Mr. Depp had lived with his long-time partner, French model Vanessa Paradis, for maybe 14 to 15 years without getting married. I also remember that they already have a kid or two. But of course, I don’t know the reason. Oh well, I am not really sure about the whole story because, for all we know, it was Vanessa who did not want marriage, right? Maybe it is a mutual decision on their part to just be a common-law couple.

And yet now, with his new girlfriend of maybe a year, he has already proposed marriage? Sometimes, I don’t understand these things. Though of course, I am not supposed to, right? Just expressing my opinion.


Actor Johnny Depp and his new flame, Amber Heard. A pretty young lass, indeed.

Anyway, Miss Vanessa–a sexy French actress, model and singer–was recently spotted with a new hairdo. I could not say it becomes her because she looks like a boy but well, French style and fashion are different from the rest of the world’s. And since she is a model, who knows if it is for photo shoot or something. I just couldn’t help but think though that if I were in Miss Paradis’ shoes I would really feel bad because I would rather be and stay married.

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