Dr. fish Spa

Dr. fish Spa at Star City

Dr. Fish Spa at The Star City


Have you ever tried going to the fish spa
to clean your feet? I did.
Here’s how it went for me.

Star City fish spa
This is my first time to try and I did it at The fish spa at the Star City.

One of the attractions now at the Star City is these ponds filled with Dr. Fish or the fish spa. I wanted to try it for the sake of the experience (as I have never done this before) and so that I have something to write about when I get back home.

Anyway, I was already tired that time after going around the park for several hours with my husband and daughter. My feet were killing me. Whatever the Fish Spa was seemed like an inviting proposition to rest my tired feet–it was so much better than to keep on walking around. I was tempted to just sit there surrounded by waters and fountains and statues of Smurfs (yes, Smurfs, this was Star City, remember?) so I was drawn to try it.

fish spa pool
Relaxing my tired feet at the Star City fish spa.

For four tokens Start City worth P14 each (for a total of P56 – prices may change), each guest is allowed to stay for 20 minutes in one of the many pools. If you want some peace and quiet, stay far away from the crowds if there are any. As pick the pool, sit down and slowly introduce your feet in the water. After a few seconds, the fish would then swarm over your bare feet and would start to eat the calluses and dead skin away from the areas of your submerged feet.

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When the fish first nibbled on my feet, I have to admit that I felt like screaming and pulling my walkers away. The sensation was ticklish, to say the least. And with my very tired, sore feet just newly dipped in the cold water–it was a crazy feeling! I just giggled a bit though. It was good that I was the only one in the pool and the other two ladies in the next pool were too absorbed in their conversation to notice. Otherwise, I would have been embarrassed.

But when this couple in the photo below sat in front of me, they screamed, squirmed, and laughed! Yeah, it was that ticklish! At least they had a great time. After awhile though, you will get used to the sensation and it kinda gets boring. Or at least for me.

Star City fish spa
These couple screamed when they first got into the water. The fish must have thought they were bonkers!

I just wonder though what kind of fish they had at the Dr. Fish at the Star City because as far as I know based on my readings, the fish used in a fish spa is something that is called the Garra rufa. And Garra rufa is small, so what are these big fish? I am not an expert on this so I will not dwell on it.

Now, what I don’t like about this is that, of course, the water smells like fish. And while they may clean the pool, the teeth of the fish could not be brushed and so I am not sure what happens if someone who has skin diseases will get a treatment there. Would the bacteria be transferred?

Okay, I have to admit it was relaxing but if I really wanted my calluses and cuticles removed, I will get a foot spa with a pedicure done by humans. They would do a far better job than the fish. That is because you cannot really direct the fish where to nibble, can you?

All in all, it was a novel experience, something worth trying, but not something that I would do for the sake of treatment or therapy. It was interesting to say the least. But I don’t think I will do this again.  Or maybe if I will find a fish spa with the Garra rufa, then I just might, just to know the difference.

Dr. Fish
Dr. Fish surrounding my feet–they look scary!

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