fish fritters

fish fritters at Tres Bacolod restaurant

Holy Week Specials and More at Tres Bacolod


Tres Bacolod Restaurant

Tres Bacolod restaurant
Fish Fritters with Tartar sauce at Tres Bacolod. Appetizer, pulutan, or ulam.

It’s the Holy Week and many of us are doing some form of penance and worship. Some are on total fasts while others are avoiding the eating of meats, such as pork, chicken, or beef.

But still, there are times that we would like to eat out and here at Tres Bacolod, you will find many dishes to your liking, even if it’s the Holy week.

Tres Bacolod restaurant
Casual dining awaits you at Tres.
Tres Bacolod restauant
The dining area of Tres Bacolod.

For starters, there’s their rich and creamy soups–the Truffle Scented Cream of Mushroom (P120) and Roasted Pumpkin Soup (P95). Or you may start with the crisp Tres Salad (P170) with orange slices and grapes.

Tres Bacolod restaurant
Tres salad
Tres Bacolod restaurant
Try their refreshing fresh grape shake. The blender making this is a bit noisy though.

Then you may have the tasty Fish Fritters (P95) for appetizer. But it can also be eaten with rice because it’s so good–crispy on the outside and flavorful on the inside. It’s made of cream dory and spices, deep fried to a crisp, and served with tartar sauce. For the main course, you can have the spicy Cajun-Style Dory served with rice (P150) or for a lighter meal you may stick with their creamy and cheesy Pesto Lasagna (P195) that’s good for sharing.

Tres Bacolod restaurant
The spicy Cajun style Cream Dory.
Tres Bacolod restaurant
Pesto lasagna may be shared by 2 or 3 pax.
Tres Bacolod restaurant
Their scallops dish is for a limited time only. I haven’t tried this yet and my husband wants us to go there for this.

But for regular days or if you are not fasting, they have several others meat-centered offerings, like the King Henry Chops (P245) that may be shared because it is BIG, Cilantro Chicken (P195),  Chicken Curry (P195), Shallots Pork Belly (P185). And of course, there is my favorite U.S. Wambas Steak (P285), a huge slab of corned beef steak that may be served with rice, French fries, or mashed potato. Another favorite of mine that you might want to try is the Chorizo Croquettes (P95).

Tres Bacolod restaurant
Their bestseller and my all-time favorite–US Wambas Steak.
Tres Bacolod Restaurant
Chicken curry with egg.
Tres Bacolod restaurant
Shallot pork belly–tender and sweet. A generous serving, too.
Tres Bacolod restaurant
King Henry Chops. This may take a while to be served.
Tres Bacolod restaurant
Spanish chorizo croquettes with salsa.

For snacks, try their Pulled Pork Burger (P220) with onion rings and served with fries. I love it! It is so filling. It has a lot of pulled pork in between those soft buns. It’s kinda sweet and although it’s pulled pork, it’s very juicy and tender! So love!

Tres Bacolod restaurant
Pulled pork burger.

Heritage Cuisine at Tres

Tres was formerly known at Wambas Bistro, a restaurant owned by the Alonso family of Negros. They served heritage dishes from recipes handed down to the family from a couple of generations ago. With new branding, they dropped some of the other dishes, renamed some dishes, and moved to a much bigger and brighter location at 22nd-Lacson Street, Bacolod City.

Outside, Tres is a no-nonsense restaurant with industrial design. But inside, is a warmly-lit, elegant dining place. It is very nice and cozy, great for dates for family gatherings. They have a loft for a more private gathering, if you wish.

Tres Bacolod restaurant
Tres Bacolod along 22nd-Lacson Streets.

Tres Bacolod
22nd-Lacson Streets
Bacolod City 6100
Negros Occidental, Philippines
Open from Tuesday to Sunday
11am to 9pm


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