Handle Spam Comments in Your Blog with G.A.S.P.


Spam is a real problem to WordPress bloggers, especially those who have their own domain names and hosting. It is not fun to delete notifications about these spam comments in your email and you have to do it all over again in your blog’s dashboard.

There are many ways to control spam, such as installing Akismet and subjecting all comments for approval, but honestly, it can really be tedious checking spam against valid comments.

Now, there is a new WordPress plugin call G.A.S.P, which is short for Growmap Anti Spambot Plugin. And it will really make you gasp! You see, most of the spams that we get are just bots that leave random messages in the comment box. Somehow, they pass the Akismet screening and they could sometimes infiltrate your blogs and flood you with hundreds of spam comments each day, which can ruin your day.

You will know if a blog has activated the G.A.S.P. plugin when you will see this after the comments box.

But with G.A.S.P, spam comments disappear as soon as you activate the plugin. With this feature in your blog, a real person will have to click a box to confirm that he is not a bot or a spammer. And since bots cannot do that, they can be be readily eradicated. Of course, there will still be human spammers, but at least, these will be few and far between and not as fast as the bots.

You can also activate their optional spam detection called the “Heuristics”, which will consider comments with lots of links as spam. Isn’t that cool?

This plugin has been a really great help to many WordPress bloggers who are so troubled with spam. And I am one of them. I am so relieved after installing G.A.S.P. This saved me a lot of effort.


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