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Girly Bonding at Alquin Lagaña Salon Bacolod


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Alquin Lagaña Salon Bacolod

Alquin Lagaña Salon Bacolod
Dindin and I had a greatly satisfying bonding time at the Alquin Lagaña Salon.

With the whirlwind of activities that we have everyday, parents usually find themselves asking “Where did time go?” That is because it seems that our children are completely dependent on us for one day, giving us sleepless nights and unwashed hair, and then suddenly, they become independent thinking free spirits who already know what they want.

That is why it is imperative to spend quality time as much as we can with them. A couple of weeks ago, my eldest daughter Dindin, who is now 8 years old and growing up quite graciously, and I went on a mom and daughter date. Yeah, just the two of us, as we needed a lot of catching up to do. Ever since her younger sister Shane came along, we hadn’t had much time together–as it was always the three of us. And since Shane is much younger, she has more needs and so most of the attention is on her.

Alquin Lagaña Salon Bacolod
Dindin is all giggly because it’s her first time to get a hair treatment.
Alquin Lagaña Salon Bacolod hair spa
Waiting for the hair spa to set in.
Alquin Lagaña Salon Bacolod hair care
Dindin gets a blow dry.

Anyway, Dindin and first went to the Alquin Lagaña Salon. We were quite early in the afternoon so it was still quiet with just the two of us. First we had a hair spa. Dindin was actually very giggly the whole time that her hair was being done because it’s her first time to have a salon treatment. While we grow her hair very long because that’s how she likes it, it has always been me who’s taking care of her hair. Yep, even the haircut–she has never had a haircut done by anybody else. That’s why the hair spa is a whole new experience for her and she liked it. And I had so much fun taking her photos, too, documenting how she is turning into a lovely young lady.

The next stop for the two of us is nail care. I had a very relaxing foot spa first and then a mani-pedi for both of us. Dindin got excited again because she got to choose the color of her nail polish.

Foot Spa: Highly Recommended

I would like to mention that I thoroughly enjoyed the foot spa. Not only was it very relaxing because of the massage, the most important part is that the cracks on the soles of my feet have closed. The foot spa attendant, who also did my nails, told me that they use a special solution for callused feet and cracked heels. I don’t think she did much scrubbing anymore, or maybe I haven’t noticed because I was too relaxed. But my heels are really smooth afterwards and there’s very little trace of the cracks on my heels.

Alquin Lagaña Salon Bacolod
Now it’s my turn to relax. A foot spa with mani-pedi in order.

You see, I have very dry skin. No matter how much lotion I apply on my heels, they remain cracked and unsightly. It doesn’t help that I stay home most of the time and do not wear slippers inside our bedroom. The dirt goes inside the cracks and you can just imagine how bad it looks. I have had foot spa services before, but nothing came close to what I had at Alquin Lagaña Salon. It was really smooth afterwards. For callused feet as tough as mine, they sorely got a nice treatment because the results are really obvious.

Alquin Lagaña Salon Bacolod foot spa
My lovely smooth feet. I don’t always have them this way.
Alquin Lagaña Salon Bacolod
Love my chocolate colored Revlon nail polish. Looks good even after a week.

Alquin Lagaña Salon Advantage

It is my opinion that Alquin Lagaña Salon staff are pretty good at what they do, like Bong who does the hair treatments and my foot spa attendant who I forgot to ask the name. The cleaning of fingers need a lot of attention because I have an abundance of cuticles that everyone who gets to see me gather them after a cleaning would often comment how I have so much of them. And they use Revlon nail polish, which looked like gel and just like gel, stayed on for like 2 weeks without much damage. And mind you, I do a lot of housework that usually cause the nail polish to chip like after a day. I like gel but it takes too long to apply and I don’t have the time for that, so the Revlon polish at Alquin Lagaña Salon is enough for me.

Alquin Lagaña Salon Bacolod
Dindin chooses the color of her nail polish.

At the salon, I noticed that they work together. They try to help each other, unlike in other salons where one only handles one customer. That way, they do their work fast and I don’t get to spend so much time in order to have different services. I appreciate that.

I also appreciate that the staff do not chismax while there are customers. So there’s no unwanted talk and noise while we were having our service. That is relaxing for me because silence is golden while getting leisurely service.

And most of all, you will appreciate the ample parking space. The salon is located at Paseo Verde Bldg. in Mandalagan, where the parking space is really expansive.

Alquin Lagaña Salon Bacolod
The elegant interiors of Alquin Lagaña Salon Bacolod
Alquin Lagaña Salon Bacolod
Alquin Lagaña Salon Bacolod at Paseo Verde, Mandalagan, Bacolod City

Alquin Lagaña Salon Services

Haircut for men and women
Hair rebonding
Hair care
Brazilian blowout
Digital perm
Hair and Airbrush or Traditional Makeup for All Occasions
Variation of hair colors using modern techniques

After our visit to the Alquin Lagaña Salon, Dindin and I were both refreshed–mentally and physically. It was around 7pm when we got all done and so we proceeded with our date night at Brewery Gastropub, located on the ground floor of the same building. We had a sumptuous dinner there and we had a wonderful time catching up and just chatting with whatever topic she wants. We also enjoyed our selfies at the parking lot. It was our bonding time together well spent. Hope to do this again soon. 😀 Do the same, too, with your daughter or your girl friends.

Alquin Lagaña Salon Bacolod pedicure
Even Dindin’s feet are growing very fast. It’s like one size smaller than mine right now.

Alquin Lagaña Salon

Paseo Verde, Lacson Street
Brgy Mandalagan, 
Bacolod City
Mobile: 0948 385 3633

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