Angus brisket

Angus brisket at Felicia's 15th Lacson - Bacolod restaurant




serves delicious comforting fusion dishes

Felicia's 15th Lacson - Bacolod restaurant
Angus brisket. So tender and flavorful. May be served with rice or mashed potato.

As a Bacolodnon, I am proud of our food and our Bacolod restaurants. A lot of them serve comfort foods from heritage recipes, so the taste is like handed down from generation to generation. I know that generally, we still have a lot to improve in terms of interiors and probably service for some, but for the taste, I think that we have one of the best cuisines in the country. And I really look for the taste of our locally cooked food because of the richness of the flavors of local ingredients and the manner of cooking.

Segue to my travail. Anyway, I recently had a trip to Cebu for two days and honestly, I was not very happy with the meals served to us there. Sure the accommodations were great but the lack of good food made me crave for the flavors of home. I was very tired when I got home, went straight to an event and then got a massage. Despite the torrential downpour that flooded Bacolod that night, I managed to go to Felicia’s at 15th-Lacson Streets to have dinner.

Felicia's 15th Lacson - Bacolod restaurant
My salmon fillet with aioli. Certainly the kind of welcome meal my heart and palate long for.

Welcome Meal at Felicia’s 15th Lacson

The familiarity of the place just welcomed me and soothed my spirit. It was already past 8 in the evening so I was famished. I ordered their Salmon Fillet with Aioli Remoulade and some chicken wings that comes in three flavors. The wings came first so I ate a piece from each flavor while I waited for my main course. And it did not disappoint. The salmon was a big and thick slab, grilled just right that it’s cooked through but still very juicy inside. The seasonings were perfect and the flavor was highlighted with the Aioli. I ordered mine with mashed potatoes and they hit the spot. My husband had Bistecca Di Formaggio, which is premium tenderloin steak stuffed with cheese and mushrooms and served with gravy and mixed vegetables. I tasted it, too, and it was just wonderful. I’m glad I had it cooked medium well because it had stuffing. If we had it medium rare, the middle part might be too wet. To refresh me, I had the mixed berry smoothie and for dessert, I had some Sinful Rum Cake — a spiked, rich, and moist layered chocolate cake. Ok, I am spilling the beans here but aside from the cake I also had a date bar. You can only find date bars at Felicia’s and they are really good. Must-try, if I may say.

Felicia's 15th Lacson - Bacolod restaurant
My husband’s order: Bistecca di Formaggio–steak stuffed with cheese and mushroom.
Felicia's 15th-Lacson - Bacolod restaurant
Chicken wings in three flavors. I forgot the two other flavors–I just remembered the garlic parmesan. All are very flavorful and cooked just right that you can still enjoy the meat off the smallest bone.


Felicia's 15th Lacson - Bacolod restaurant
Mixed berry smoothie.
Felicia's 15th Lacson- Bacolod restaurant
I had one of these, too. hihi If you haven’t tried this, check this out.
Felicia's 15th Lacson - Bacolod restaurant
I also had sinful rum cake. hihihi

Anyway, Felicia’s has long been serving the people of Bacolod and for many, they are a desserts haven. And indeed they are, with all their cakes, cookies, and pastries. Eventually, they were known for their steaks, but not a lot of people know that Felicia’s 15th Lacson serves great meals developed from fusion cuisine. With a young chef at the helm, the result is quite an extensive menu covering seafood, beef, lamb, pork, chicken, pastas, and salads. It seems they have an answer for every craving, given the items on their menu. Their prices may be a bit higher than your average meal in a Bacolod restaurant, but what they serve is definitely more than worth it.

Felicia's 15th Lacson - Bacolod restaurant
Baby back ribs with garlic rice.
Felicia's 15th-Lacson - Bacolod restaurant
There are also salads for those who would like to have vegetables with their meal.

Desserts at Felicia’s

While they are not the first, Felicia’s has carved it niche as a go-to Bacolod cafe for desserts and great coffees. It is always a delight to have sweets here after a meal or just to unwind for a night cap because their restaurants are relaxing. They have cakes and desserts that are really my fave like the salted caramel sans rival, red velvet, and banoffee. And the French macarons–ahhh…try all the flavors, especially the salted caramel!

Felicia's 15th Lacson - Bacolod restaurant
Different flavored French macarons and a latte at Felicia’s 15th Lacson. A beautiful and luxurious night cap.
Felicia's 15th-Lacson
Just of the chillers with an array of cakes
Felicia's 15th lacson - Bacolod restaurant
I am really underscoring this — salted caramel sans rival. Of course, their butter and mocha are also very good. But this one, I can’t quite describe the pleasure it gives my husband and I. hahaha

Accommodating Staff

Another thing that is worthy to mention about Felicia’s 15th Lacson is their staff. They are not syalan staff, but they are well-dressed, know their products well, can recommend good dishes worth trying, and they know how to smile and serve. They are very courteous and subservient, which plays well around here. They seem to genuinely love their jobs, which really reflects on the management. 🙂 Kudos!

Felicia's 15th-Lacson - Bacolod restaurant
Salpicao with mashed potato and an additional order of garlic rice.

Comforting Meals

Whenever I travel, my family and I would pass by a restaurant to get a good meal on the way home. You see, while I enjoy traveling, I encounter travel stress because of my motion sickness. I’m like world-weary. But a good meal that satisfies relaxes me, like a rub on the shoulders to ease my tension. The familiar tastes and smell of home just gives me happiness. That is why I always come back.

Felicia's 15th-Lacson - Bacolod restaurant
Callos–another comforting dish at Felicia’s that needs to be consumed immediately.




  1. I am so glad to hear that you enjoyed your culinary experience. What I would like to know is was there any good vegetarian options? Also that mixed berry smoothie and the rum cake looks absolutely delicious!

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