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Farm to Table - Iloilo restaurant - shrimps in soft taco

FARM TO TABLE Iloilo Restaurant


FARM TO TABLE Iloilo Restaurant

Farm to Table Iloilo restaurant is a concept restaurant that mixes passion, advocacy, and good taste.

Farm to Table Iloilo restaurant - shrimps
Shimps in soft taco. Shrimps served a bed of vegetables and seasoned with a coconut milk sauce on soft taco. Just remove the tail, fold, and devour. This appetizer is both tasty and beautiful.

Eating is a need while dining is an art. At Farm To Table restaurant in Iloilo, you will have both.

Global Restaurant Concept

The global concept of farm to table, says Chef Pauline Banusing, is eliminating the middle man or the trader in the business chain order to buy produce fresh from the source and give the farmers, small-scale animal growers, or fisherman good rates for what they are selling. These can be fruits, vegetables, herbs, or seafood.

Farm to Table Iloilo restaurant - interior
The cozy interior of Farm to Table restaurant made bustling by the orders of guests.

During her stay in the United States, Chef Pauline ate and studied at some farm to table restaurants there and she went about implementing the same here. She is so passionate about this and how her business is affecting small farmers that her face lights up when talking about her restaurant concept.


Farm to Table Iloilo restaurant - kare-kare
Nose to tail beef kare-kare with a chunky peanut sauce is already soo flavorful that you don’t need the bagoong anymore. But in any case, the bagoong is ready for you if you like.

Designer Dishes

But at Farm to Table, they do not just cook whatever standard dishes that we commonly know. The chef takes great effort to design and innovate new dishes as well as plate them in a manner that provides a feast for the eyes (and for your Instagram, too). They have great-tasting regular items on the menu and they also create artistic gourmet creations from seasonal fresh farm products.

Basic MOLO, ILOILO Family Tour

Farm to Table Iloilo restaurant - lamb adobo
Lamb adobo served in a wide, heavy plate with red rice. It’s super tender, tastes like lamb, but without that smell that some people dislike about lamb. This is a must-try. And look at that plating!


If I would describe what this Iloilo restaurant serves, I would say gourmet Filipino food. They have a lot of items with ingredients like coconut, kamote (sweet potato), squash, salted egg, and chicharon, among many others. But what make them special are the preparations and presentations.

Farm to Table Iloilo restaurant - kamote fries
Kamote fries with truffle-mayo dip. The dip is what makes the difference!

Like the simple kamote fries, for example, is served in sugar cones with truffle-mayo dip. They also have this flourless chocolate cake that’s made primarily of candied squash. What a delight!

Farm to Table Iloilo restaurant - Fried chicken with kare-kare glaze
The fried chicken with kare-kare glaze is crisp on the outside and flavorful on the inside. And the glaze just enhances the flavor. The kids love this!

For the main courses, you may choose to pair them with white, red, or black rice, which are all organic. I don’t really like black rice, but here it’s actually good. And the red rice is so aromatic. I was told that is because the rice that they serve are from newly harvested grains, so texture, aroma, and flavor is sooo good.

Farm to Table Iloilo restaurant - vegetable shake
And so I had this drink, carrot and cucumber shake. Great for cleansing!

You will really enjoy your visit here because the food is just enjoyable and the plating is highly entertaining and Instagrammable. But like I always say, just take photos and consume your food immediately. Cold food is always blah. And oh, I forgot to mention, despite their beautiful dishes, the farm to table practice, and their cozy restaurant, prices are all so reasonable.

Farm to Table Iloilo restaurant - ube cake
For dessert, try their ube cake topped with ube halaya. You can really taste the natural goodness of ube (purple yam).
Farm to Table Iloilo restaurant - Chef Pauline Banusing - chocolate cake
Chef Pauline with her unique creation – chocolate squash cake.

The restaurant is very comfortable, too. I am in love with the place. If you are a small group of family and friends, they have a function room separated from the rest of the restaurant by a wooden structure that looks like the framework of a barn. It’s a nice touch, really!

Farm to Table Iloilo restaurant - function room
The function room’s frame work looks like that of a barn.

Farm to Table Iloilo Restaurant is open from Brunch to Dinner and serves organic coffee, designer fresh fruit shakes, all Filipino craft beers, and imported wines. The selection is just overwhelming!

Farm to Table Iloilo restaurant - draft wine
Draft wine at Farm to Table Restaurant.

Giving Small Brewers a Chance

Farm to Table Iloilo restaurant is fully supporting small brewers from different regions of the country. So with every bottle, you know that you are supporting the livelihood of a small Filipino brewery.

Farm to Table Iloilo restaurant draft beers
Beers on draft.

Their wine selection at Farm to Table Restaurant Iloilo also the most extensive in Iloilo City. They showcase wines from Sonoma and Napa Valley, Bordeaux France, Australia, Spain, South Africa, and the Tuscan Regions of Italy. And of course, they also have wines from the Philippines.

Farm to Table Iloilo restaurant - the bar
The bar.

Bring your loved ones and friends at Farm to Table Iloilo Restaurant. Feed your palate and soul with good food. And with every meal, know that you have helped dignify the professions of small farmers, animal growers, fisher folk, and even brewers. That’s social consciousness.

Farm to Table Iloilo restaurant - imported wines
Imported wines

FARM TO TABLE Iloilo Restaurant

Tel. No. (033) 3202154

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