Hat Trick Sports Grill

Hat Trick Sports Grill #Bacolodeats

Chill Out at Hat Trick Sports Grill at The Marketplace Bacolod


Hat Trick Sports Grill
serves all-time favorites
in a casual setting. #Bacolodeats

sports bar Bacolod
Hat Trick Sports Grill at The Villa Angela Marketplace (beside the NGC). #Bacolodeats

Many people are sports fans and I know that they chill differently. Here at the Hat Trick Sports Grill, the owners went to great lengths to have a thematic hangout for sports fans. And I think that they will love the place, if they haven’t found out about this yet.

sports bar Bacolod
You can see your meals being prepared here. Check out the simple menu of comfort foods and their prices.

Hat Trick Sports Grill is an open air resto bar serving all-time American favorites like the grilled Wagyu burger, ribs, rib sandwich, buffalo wings, and other American treats. They have so many different beers, coolers, cocktails, and other drinks to choose from–any and every to go with your food. And since Hat Trick is the other half of Market Pub, the English-inspired pub, you can also cross order from their mostly European food offerings as well as their wines.

sports bar bacolod
Garlic parmesan chicken wings. Oh so good!

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sports bar Bacolod
Cheese-flavored nachos with lots of meat and cheese sauce.
sports bar Bacolod
Wagyu burger with fries and iced tea.

Diners will surely appreciate the relaxed atmosphere at Hat Trick Sports Grill. They took the effort to re-create a stadium complete with metal light rails and stadium lights. You get to sit on benches while sipping your favorite drink and watching a game on a flat screen TV. There’s also a giant football poster on one side. Such a laid back place to chill. Happy hour starts early and also ends early…in the morning.

While they also offer lunch meals, most of the action here is at night, when the air is cooler. Other offerings for those who want variety are Mongolian rice creations and other Chinese food. Still the comfort foods for couch potatoes.

Hat Trick Sports Grill is located at The Marketplace at Villa Angela, Circumferential Road (beside the NGC), Bacolod City. They are open daily, from 11am to 1am.

sports bar Bacolod
The facade of Hat Trick Sports Grill from the Marketplace walkway.
Bacolod pub
When you enter this red door, you are going into a different dimension. You will find this door on one side of Hat Trick and this leads to the Market Pub.

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