Chievs Stones and Crystals

Eva Pauline Lizares Si of Chievs Stones and Crystals

CHIEV’S STONES AND CRYSTALS Bacolod Sells Sparkly Things


Chiev’s Stones and Crystals Bacolod

Chievs is in the business of anything that sparkles – stones, crystals, precious stones, and semi-precious stones.

ChiEvs Crystals and Stones
Eva Marie Lizares Si at her Bead Bugz bead store.

Anything that Sparkles

Eva Pauline Lizares Si is a self-confessed lover of anything that glitters. While we know that not everything that sparkles is gold, Eva has successfully made gold from anything that sparkles—figuratively, that is.

Eva recalls that she loves making and wearing fashion accessories ever since she was a kid. She started making her own line of accessories in Grade 3 with the use of fake pearls and plastic beads–the only ones she can afford back then, bought from her allowance. She wore some of her creations and then sold the rest.

The enterprise happened because she said that her mom wouldn’t buy her these trinkets and so she resolved to make her own to feed her passion. What a nice motivation to fuel your interest! There’s actually wisdom in that–if you don’t spoil your kids with everything that they like, they will learn to work for these.

ChiEvs Stones and Crystals
Eva at work. When she’s in the mood, she can make so make pieces of jewelry.

In college, Eva started to take the business side more seriously. She had the name Chievs Stones and Crystals registered with DTI so that she not only has a brand but also a business name as well. With only P1,500 as her start-up capital, she started buying materials for her initial inventory. She was only 20 years old then, young and passionate about her craft.

ChiEvs Stones and Crystals
Necklaces made of Swarovski crystals by ChiEvs.

Semi-Precious Stones

Fast forward eight years later, Eva started started importing Swarovski crystals and natural gemstones from the United States, India, and Hong Kong. She sourced out different gems in countries where there is rich concentration of the minerals to get only the best materials for her creations. She knows all about these through much research, especially from reading books and scouring the internet. And to further her enhance her knowledge, Eva enrolled with an online gemology course that she successfully finished.

ChiEvs Stones and Crystals
Gemstones, lampworks and swarovski necklaces by ChiEvs.

In that same year, Eva also joined the Association of Negros Producers (ANP) so that she can market her accessories through the two branches of the Negros Showroom and its occasional bazaars. She has gained some international buyers from these trade shows and events.

ChiEvs Stones and Crystals
Bracelets made of Swarovski and gemstones by ChiEvs.
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Bead Bugz

Almost two years ago now, she opened a shop called the Bead Bugz, which is a beads store, at the Masinadyahon Bldg., Lizares St., Bacolod City, Negros Occidental, Philippines. Here she sells raw materials for making accessories. She has pewter, silver, stainless, copper, natural gemstones, crystals here and pretty much everything in between available at the store, along with the tools and fillers needed to start a jewellery line. This is also where she makes her one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry. There are lots of jewellery pieces that are great as good luck charms, too.

Eva pours out her creativity into creating the most unique jewellery pieces using sparkling crystals and gemstones.

Great Talent and Creativity

Eva pours out her creativity into creating the most unique jewellery pieces using sparkling crystals and gemstones. She takes photos of her creations and makes sure that no two designs are the same. Sometimes, she makes a line for the design that she started, but she makes them out of different colored gems. That way, you are sure that if you own a piece of ChiEvs jewelry, you know that there is nothing like that anywhere.

Negros Trade Fair
A portion of ChiEvs display at the Negros Trade Fair, now happening in Glorietta.

While Eva’s materials are not sourced from Negros, her creativity and craftsmanship are 100% Negrense. Aside from having pieces displayed at the Negros Showroom branch at the 9th-Lacson Street, Bacolod City and at Robinsons City Walk Bacolod, she joins the regular ANP bazaars here in Bacolod as well as the annual Negros Trade Fair held in Manila. Facebook has also helped her in terms of online presence. At present, she already exports her unique jewellery to Dubai, Ireland, and Chicago.

Chiev’s pieces are not regularly produced in the sense that Eva has to be inspired with something in order to create new pieces. Mood plays a role, too. But eventually, aside from Bead Bugz, she plans to open a store in a Bacolod mall where she can have space for people to make their own jewelry. She is also developing her metal clay line and honing her glass firing skills in order to make glass beads for her lamp work. These are the things that kawaii fans and designs connoisseurs need to look out for.

Meanwhile, you may connect with Eva on Facebook at

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