Cansi Ramen - Bacolod restaurants - Izumi Japanese Kitchen

Cansi Ramen - Bacolod restaurants - Izumi Japanese Kitchen

Cansi Ramen: A Fusion Meant for Each Other


Cansi Ramen is a Perfect Match

How would you like your favorite cansi in your favorite ramen in a Bacolod restaurant?

Cansi ramen - Bacolod restuarants - Izumi Japanese Kitchen
A bowl of steaming and comforting cansi ramen.

Cansi is a favorite soup of people in Bacolod. The cansi soup is made after hours of slow-cooking beef shoulders until the meat is tender and almost falling off the bones. The soup is made rich with the bone marrow that gets almost melted from boiling. The dish is comforting during the rainy days and an awesome dish to share during hot days.

Cansi Fusion

For the life of me, I never thought that you can create a fusion dish from cansi soup. We have always enjoyed it this way. Sure we have kansi steak, the same part of beef served on a sizzling plate with gravy. It doesn’t have soup. So it’s usually eaten as viand—perfect with rice.

So when I discovered that there is such a thing as Cansi Ramen in a Bacolod restaurant – that is something worth trying.

List of Bacolod restaurants

Kansi Ramen

My husband and I both love cansi and ramen (or Japanese food in general). To find them both in one bowl is more than interesting.

As in the tradition of ramen, the cansi ramen is served in a big bowl with the main ingredients carefully arranged on the surface. You can clearly see the beef bone in the middle. It is the centerpiece of this ramen dish.

cansi ramen - Bacolod restaurants - Izumi Japanese Restaurant
Isn’t this bowl of cansi ramen pretty? Sigh…I can dream about it.

When the bowl is placed in front of you, you already get a feast for the eyes and a comforting aroma that wafts in the air. It promises a satisfying meal.

How to Eat Kansi Ramen

After a quick photo opp (because for sure you’re gonna want to take a photo of this), immediately steep the vegetables in the hot soup. The cabbage is raw but it will cook quickly with the boiling hot soup.

For a more efficient dining experience, you may want to ask for an extra plate so that you can take out the bone and mix the ingredients well. Detach the meat from the bone as well as the bone marrow and mix into the soup. Try to consume immediately. If you must share the cansi ramen, distribute the contents into smaller bowls and partake as soon as you can. The restaurant is air conditioned so it will not take long for the “sebo” to creep in.

Flavors of Kansi Ramen

The cansi ramen features the flavors of the cansi soup that we love. But, unlike the thin, watery, and sour soup of our usual cansi, this soup is kind of rich and a bit thick, just like the consistency of a ramen soup. It has vegetables, a whole cut of bone, and some corn. And at this Bacolod restaurant, they only use fresh Japanese ramen noodles. It’s perfect.

cansi soup - Bacolod restaurants - Izumi Japanese Kitchen
Dindin spoons over some extra cansi soup. It’s available for a price.

My husband and I and two kids shared one bowl. But I believe that others can finish the entire bowl and make it your complete meal (it has protein, carbs, and fiber). If you want extra soup, they serve it with additional charge.

Kansi Ramen Schedule

Sadly, cansi ramen is only available for during the entire third week of the month. It is just a special that they offer. You can check their FB page when you can have it.

Cansi Ramen available every 3rd week of the month only

Where to get Cansi Ramen

So which Bacolod restaurant serves this really good fusion dish of our favorite cansi?  Here it is:

Izumi Japanese Kitchen

Located at Nolan Bldg., B.S. Aquino Drive, Bacolod City
Negros Occidental, Philippines
Open daily, 10am-10pm

Izumi Japanese Kitchen serves many authentic Japanese dishes. Read my article on this Bacolod restaurant here: Izumi Japanese Restaurant for Authentic Japanese Dishes. I especially adore their gyoza and tempura.

Izumi Japanese Kitchen - Bacolod restaurants - tempura
Tempura is love at Izumi Japanese Kitchen.

Our new discovery there is the Umorice. For only P135, you get Japanese fried rice covered in egg and demi glaze. It’s perfect with their crisp on the outside and juicy on the inside Tori Kaarage.

Izumi Japanese Kitchen - Bacolod restaurants
Omurice and tori kaarage at Izumi Japanese Kitchen.

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