Brewery Gastropub Bacolod

Brewery Gastropub Bacolod for good food and beer pairings



Brewery Gastropub Bacolod restaurant

Brewery Gastropub Bacolod is a great place for family dinners and bonding moments with friends.

Brewery Gastropub Bacolod restaurant
Brewery Gastropub Bacolod is the melting pot of good food that comes with the perfect beer or wine pair–a heaven for your palate. They even have their ice container built in your table so as to keep your drink chilled.

Gastropub: Food and Drinks

When we hear the word “pub”, we often associate it with beers and hard drinks. Sometimes, it is associated with intoxicated banter and generally rowdy behavior. But if you attach the prefix “gastro”, you will immediately think that it is a good place to eat. It is where you have drinks pairing that will make your experience ultimately epicurean. Like Brewery Gastropub Bacolod.

A First Time

For the first time, my husband and I brought our little girls for dinner at Brewery Gastropub Bacolod. It is located at the ground floor of Paseo Verde, Lacson Street, Mandalagan, Bacolod City. The place is well-lighted, predominantly lined with wood, barrels arranged around the place.

You get the pub vibe alright, but none of the stuff that you want your kids to be censored from. The kids got inside this Bacolod restaurant first. When I went in, they excitedly ran to me, showing me a lollipop stand.  They can freely get what they want–compliments of the resto.

Brewery Gastropub Bacolod restaurant
The kids’ lollipop stand. Made the little girls excited. Nice touch. Doesn’t cost much but it does make kids happy–even my kids who are not very fond of candy. 😀 You know how many they got? One each. hahaha
Brewery Gastropub Bacolod restaurant
Our little family at the Brewery. The kids like it here.

About Brewery Gastropub Bacolod

Brewery Gastropub Bacolod is the newest of its kind to open in Bacolod City. It’s first successful venture is in Iloilo City, which is now three years old. In Cebu, they opened another branch only last week. The well thought out concept of the place came from Chef Pauline Banusing of Iloilo City.

Chef Pauline’s Cap

Chef Pauline is a sought-after caterer with several restaurants that feather her cap. Al Dente, Freska Hometown Buffet, Farm to Table, and of course, Brewery Gastropub Iloilo and Cebu are all hers. Her formal education in the culinary arts include the Professional Chef Series at the Culinary Institute of America, the Master Class in Cooking at The New School-Manhattan, and Food Styling Classes at the Institute of Culinary Education. These schools are all in New York, USA, hence her exposure.

Brewery Gastropub Bacolod restaurant
The bar of the Brewery Gastropub with two camera-shy bartenders. hahaha

Moreover, Chef Pauline also gets a lot of inspiration from the food and culture that she has encountered in her many travels. The food styling lessons have surely translated to artistically presented dishes at the Brewery. Each dish is definitely Instagrammable.

Brewery Gastropub Bacolod restaurant
Three of their bestselling bottled beers — the Floris.
Brewery Gastropub Bacolod restaurant Hoegaarden
My Hoegaarden straight from the draft.
Brewery Gastropub Bacolod restaurant
The wooden condiments and utensils box on our table.
Brewery Gastropub Bacolod restaurant
Rack of Skewers (P595) is composed of four skewers of different items — lime chicken, Thai pork (love), grilled bratwurst, and Hungarian sausage. Ulam and pulutan in one.

Brewery Gastropub Bacolod Drink Pairing

When you visit the place, you will be mesmerized at their extensive menu that caters to different tastes. They have many kinds of seafood, pork, chicken, and beef dishes for meals or pica-pica with your drinks. Part of their service at Brewery Gastropub is beer or wine pairing. When you order something, they will find you a drink that would best go with your food.

Brewery Gastropub Bacolod restaurant
Slow Roasted Imported Beef Belly (P310) made from U.S> beef and served with red wine glaze. They suggest having this with the Leffe beer.

The food styling lessons have surely translated to artistically presented dishes at the Brewery–all Instagrammable.

Brewery Gastropub Bacolod restaurant
Boneless crispy pasta (P595) served with onion rings and a container of adobo rice. It can feed two persons, if they don’t have any other order. I forgot to get the name of the beer, but they say that the pork is best paired with that.

Craft Beers

Just so you know, the Brewery is home to many craft beers. They now have 128 kinds of bottled and nine kinds of handcrafted beers in draft. These are made both in the Philippines or imported from abroad. They also have more than 40 kinds of single malts and popular liquors from around the world.

Draft Wine

And, management says, the list continues to grow. They are also the first to serve Italian Merlot wine by the draft, already chilled to just the right temperature.

Brewery Gastropub Bacolod restaurant
Italian Merlot from draft.

Personal Picks

I am not a beer drinker, but I got to sample two very popular imported beers from the draft. These are Hoegaarden and Stella Artois. Their taste both settled well with me. But to choose between the two, I prefer the Hoegaarden. Not only do I find their taste delightful, they are smooth. Moreoever, I found light on the tummy, even after a heavy meal.

Brewery Gastropub Bacolod restaurant Hoegaarden
A 500ml glass of Hoegaarden–my personal favorite now.

They staff of Brewery Gastropub Bacolod really know what to suggest. They gave a mild beer to someone with virgin tastes such as me. That way, I was able to enjoy my beer.

Brewery Gastropub Bacolod restaurant Stella Artois beer
A mug of Stella Artois beer

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Brewery Gastropub Bacolod restaurant Italian Merlot
The draft of the Italian Merlot.

Their Italian Merlot wine draft is just beside the bar. It’s enjoyable to watch your favorite wine on draft. I wanna take it home! hahaha Just imagine this by your bedside. Ahhhh…hahahaha I can only imagine…. *wink* Happy hour every hour.

Gastronomic Delights

So again, the Brewery Gastropub Bacolod is not just about drinks. They are also about beautiful dishes that taste as lovely as they look.


One of their bestselling appetizers is the Salted Egg Hand-cut Potato Fries It is sooo good. I know that salted egg potato chips are the rave right now, but you just have to try this. And after about an hour and a half after it was served, there were a few pieces left in our bucket. I ate them and they are still crispy. Must try!

Brewery Gastropub Bacolod restaurant salted egg fries
Salted egg hand-cut potato fries (P220) with a mug of Stella Artois in the background

I also asked the chef if she can have them packed so that she can sell them in stores. hihi I am sure it will be well accepted by the market.

Another great appetizer or pica-pica would be the Chicharong Bulaklak with Pork Floss. Nice!

Brewery Gastropub Bacolod restaurant
Pork floss and chicharon bulaklak (P235). Crunchy and flavorful, your well-loved Pinoy pulutan is given a twist with the flavors and texture of the pork floss.

Just go slow on the Pork Floss and Chicharon Bulaklak. hihi I also love the Beer Battered Tempura Soft Shell Crab, one memorable item for me. It’s the crab dish where you get to eat everything. But it’s not always available. It depends upon the supply.

Brewery Gastropub Bacolod restaurant
Beer Battered Tempura Soft Shell Crab (P425) served with tartare sauce. This is only seasonal but it’s soooo good!


They have several salads on the menu. The one below, I think, is the prettiest.

Brewery Gastropub Bacolod restaurant
Sea Bounty Salad (P320) — a medley of colorful ingredients — greens, carrots, fresh mangoes, cucumbers, nuts, topped with pan seared pink salmon and served with calamansi vinaigrette. Looks too awesome to eat. Great with the GB Pilsner.


Brewery Gastropub Pub Bacolod also serves pizzas. These are the German equivalent called the flammkuchen a.k.a. tarte flambee . I forgot what kind of flour they use, but the result is soft pizza that you can roll.

They come in three flavors Bacon (P285), Prosciutto Ham (P325), and Three Cheese (P310)–composed of brie, camembert, and mozzarella.

Brewery Gastropub Bacolod restaurant
Prosciutto ham pizza (P325) is one of their bestsellers and I understand why. They are thin and may be rolled and it’s so good. The crust is flavorful. Consume when hot. I didn’t need the sauce when having this. Great with Floris apple beer.

Main Courses

Here are some of the main courses served to us. And honestly, they all deserve the attention–both in taste and presentation. This relatively new Bacolod restaurant knows how to please.

Brewery Gastropub beer pairing
Another memorable dish for me is the Herbed Grilled Pink Salmon (P595) served with a choice of mashed potato or fries and salad greens. Really, this is sooo good. Maybe shared by two people. But if I won’t order anything else, this is a good enough meal for me. Pair it with Leffe.

Brewery Gastropub Bacolod restaurant

French style beef brisket (P275) with carrots and potatoes. I so lovveeee this. It has just the right sweetness and acidity that is pleasant on the palate. This is one of the dishes that left an imprint on me and makes me drool when I think of it. Beef is very tender, too.

Brewery Gastropub Bacolod restaurant
Imported lamb adobo (P285) made with garlic and muscovado sugar in balsamic reduction. Served with garlic rice.

Brewery Gastropub Bacolod

Paseo Verde, Lacson Street
Mandalagan, Bacolod City
Sun – Tue: 4:30pm to 12:30am
Wed – Thu: 4:30pm to 1:30m
Fri – Sat: 4:30pm to 2:30am

Brewery Gastropub Bacolod restaurant
The Brewery Gastropub here in the city of smiles– a wonderful Bacolod restaurant with an extensive collection of beers and wines. And very good food, too.

Where is Brewery Gastropub Bacolod located?

If you are a Bacolodnon who loves good food and drinks, this place is for you. Don’t miss dining here and exploring the many drinks that make your meals more exciting. If you are just visiting, this is one Bacolod restaurant that you need to drop by.

So what are you going to order?

Brewery Gastropub Bacolod restaurant
Where is Brewery Gastropub? It’s at Paseo Verde Bldg.,in Mandalagan, Bacolod City.

Note: Prices are subject to change.

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