Blushing Beauty BB Cream

Blushing Beauty Aquawhite BB Cream by Skin Station

BLUSHING BEAUTY Aqua White BB CREAM from Skin Station


Finally, a BB Cream that covers,
whitens, moisturizes.
Available at Skin Station clinics
all over the Philippines.

 Blushing Beauty Aqua White BB Cream from Skin Station
The Blushing Beauty Aqua White BB Cream from Skin Station.

I am now 41 and at my age, my facial skin is showing how I’ve live my life. Lifestyle stresses like late-nights, gut-wrenching deadlines, sun exposure, application of non-suitable products, and many other factors are showing on my skin. I have uneven skin tone, uneven texture, comedones, scars, laugh lines, and age spots. It takes a lot of coverage to hide large pores as well the blemishes and doing that does not allow my skin to breathe.

Then I received this 40ml bottle of Blushing Beauty Aqua White BB Cream in Natural Beige color from Skin Station as a gift.

BLUSHING BEAUTY Aqua White BB CREAM from Skin Station


I have a rather pale, yellowish complexion so at first, I was hesitant about using it. I thought it would color my face on the brown side than the rest of my body. But when I started using it, boy was I in for a surprise. When I massaged the BB cream on my face until it was absorbed, it just sort of “blended” with my skin color and It didn’t look “brownish” at all. It just lightly covered and evened out my complexion. So I think it is safe to say that it can be used by a broad spectrum of skin colors. Indeed, it whitens, moisturizes, and covers blemishes.


Blushing Beauty Aqua White BB Cream is not your usual cream. It is water-based and light, more like a liquid foundation than a “cream”. Since it is water-based, it easy to apply and spread. Plus, it feels cool on my face, not stuffy at all, unlike other makeup foundations. It didn’t feel like my pores were clogged at all.

That is my problem with most foundations, they clogged my pores and I end up with beads of sweet on my face that I have to wipe my face very frequently, especially in our country’s humid conditions (despite air conditioning). I need my skin to breathe yet I also need a good foundation to hide the not-so-nice areas of my skin and so I think I found a good one for me.

How to Use the Blushing Beauty Aqua White BB Cream

First start with a clean base. You may spray with oil-infused waters if you like before or other make up base before applying BB Cream. I used rose water on my face.

Blushing Beauty Aquan White BB Cream
Four of these are enough to cover the face.

Blushing Beauty Aqua BB Cream is almost liquid in state. You can squirt about a pea size on your finger and you can dab this size on your forehead, cheeks, and chin. Then using your fingers, apply and blend it throughout your face using upward strokes. On the neck, you may need about 2-3 pea sized dots and just spread it upwards going to your chin. Blend very well and massage until the BB Cream is absorbed.

Blushing Beauty Aqua White BB Cream
Spread the refreshing BB cream on your face using upward strokes.

I am supposed to post a before and after photo from my clean face to the one where I applied BB cream and then layered off with pressed powder. But as I was putting the photos side by side on my computer, my daughter three-year-old saw what I was doing and exclaimed, “Mom, you look like a monster!” I know she was exaggerating but for lack of a better word, my 3-year-old tried to explain how my ghostly pallor looked to her. Haha Yeah, I looked ghastly with only the foundation and without the contouring of makeup. So, ok fine. I’m not publishing my photos.

Blushing Beauty Aqua White BB Cream is P1250 for a 40ml bottle just like in the picture. It’s available at all Skin Station clinics nationwide. Since you only need very little to cover the neck and face, I think this 40ml bottle will really last long. In Bacolod, Skin Station is located at the 3rd floor of SM City Bacolod North Wing.

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