Black Friday Sale 2014


When is when is Black Friday Sale 2014? This year, it is going to be November 28, 2014.

Many people are running after the Black Friday Sale after Thanksgiving because it signals the traditional start of Christmas shopping. And I can’t blame people for doing so because really, the discounts are sooooo big! The stores really go all out for this once-a-year event. Yeah, it is the SHOPPING EVENT of the year. So you really would not be surprised if people camp outside the stores just to get in first when the store opens so that they will really get what they want at the cheapest price.

But thankfully, we don’t have to get into the holiday rush because we are already like 75% done with our Christmas shopping. Yeah, we do things in advance around here. We have already bought gifts for our children and the kids of our friends. At least, we only have a few more people to get gifts for this Christmas. We have saved ourselves the trouble of lining up behind long queues of people paying for their last-minute Christmas shopping needs. I think that is really troublesome and the waiting can really test tempers.

Additionally, I have finished wrapping most of the items that we have bought. haha It may be too early, but I also have other things to do and I don’t want to be pressured doing it. I want the wrapping to be done leisurely, not on a panicky mode. And I really enjoyed doing it today. Actually, it is not too early to do something. The time will surely come when you need to do it anyway. Why wait the last minute, right? I am just not that type.

I have already been seeing Black Friday ads online and this seems to be an exciting year. If ever, I would really like to try Black Friday shopping, just for the heck of it. haha Happy shopping!

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