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BDO Unibank bags trophies at the 18th Philippine Quill Awards for effective communications.

BDO Bags Philippine Quill Awards for Effective Communications

The efforts of BDO Unibank paid off, especially during the pandemic, because they bagged the prestigious Quill Award for Effective Communications.


In this digital age, effective communications is very important. We should be able to relay our message out there and get a warranted response from the general public. The efforts of BDO Unibank paid off, especially during the pandemic, because they bagged the prestigious Quill Award for Effective Communications.

Effective Communications: Successful BDO Campaigns

BDO Unibank’s efforts to keep its clients and the general public informed have been recognized with six Excellence and Merit awards at the recently held “Arise: The 18th Philippine Quill Awards.” This event honors exemplary communication research, programs, skills, and creative work.


BDO received an Excellence Award in the Social Media Programs category for engaging with TikTokers, an emerging set of online influencers, to start conversations about its BDO Remit videos on the social media platform as well as help bring joy to overseas Filipinos and their beneficiaries at home.

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~ The successful campaigns of BDO despite the pandemic earned them many accolades at the 18th Philippine Quill Awards. ~

The BDO Remit videos starring endorser Piolo Pascual were launched last year. To bring them closer to customers, the bank partnered with Star Magic’s Rise Artists Studio to have Piolo guest on its “We Rise Together” online show, and get support from its online influencer network. This strategy gave BDO an Excellence Award in the Media Relations category.

Meanwhile, the bank’s “Kabayan, Kasangga, Kasama” campaign, which created awareness for its BDO Remit videos bagged a Merit Award in the Marketing, Advertising, and Brand Communication category. The campaign culminated in one of the first virtual presscons in the Philippines amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

More Awards in the Audio-Visual Category

BDO also brought home accolades in the Audio/Visual category for their advocacy videos. Since these are aimed at different target audiences, they have effectively communicated their messages across different markets.

  • An Excellence Award for its “Banking on the Filipino” video. This features the bank’s financial inclusion programs and inspires support from its managers and executives during its annual officers’ meeting.
  • A Merit Award for its video for millennials. It features young influencer Angelique Manto getting advice from BDO brand ambassador Pia Wurtzbach on how she can manage her finances better.
  • A Merit Award for its Valentine’s Day-themed financial education video. “Payo para sa Puso” was developed as a response to a report that shows the need for millennials to handle their money more responsibly.

About the Quill Awards

The Quill Awards was organized by the Philippine office of the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC). It is a global membership association whose members represent various communications disciplines. These include public relations, media relations, corporate communications, public affairs, government relations, and community relations.

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  1. Wow Congrats BDO for your Award And thank you for your great services..Ang laking tulong din talaga ng Tiktok at endorser para maging succesful ang isang projeect..

  2. Congrats BDO.
    The best po talaga kayo lalo na pagdating sa mga services, malaking tulong din po yung Campaign nyo.

  3. Very nice talaga ang BDO. CONGRATS po sa awards Niyo and you desserve it. Very trusted and Safe bank and good service. Many succesful campaign which is very helpful sa mga. Consumer. More Power BDO.

  4. They deserved what they achieved,they are truly an inspiration to every huge and still growing company

  5. Kaya trusted talaga ang BDO uni Bank always they find ways.. malaking tulong talaga na may mga ganitong campaign para sa ating mga kababayan specially ngayon may pandemic.

  6. Congratulations BDO! Continue to serve Filipinos with effective communication thru your successful campaigns.

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