Bacolod Cupcake Cafe - ice cream bowl

Bacolod Cupcake Cafe - ice cream bowl

Bacolod Cupcake Cafe Launches New Ice Cream Creations


Bacolod Cupcake Cafe ice cream creations

Dindin attempts to dig in first in a monster bowl.

In a country that has so many more hot days and nights than the rainy ones, ice cream has always been a favorite treat. But why confine yourself to plain ice cream when you can have more?

Bacolod Cupcake Cafe (BCC) completes their line of the sweetest designer desserts with their new line of ice cream creations. Using a line of locally produced premium ice cream as base, BCC has made four creations that will surely make ice cream lovers drool.

Meet them all!

Beautifully hand-crafted ice creations at Bacolod Cupcake Cafe.

Strawberry Vanilla
The Strawberry vanilla features strawberry and vanilla ice cream arranged with strawberry fillings, wafer stick, whipped cream, and topped with candy sprinkles and cherry.

Coffee Chocolate
The Coffee chocolate has chocolate and coffee ice cream arranged with choco sauce, almonds, whipped cream, brownie cubes, and chocolate chip cookies.

Mango Ube Caramel
Meanwhile, the Mango Ube Caramel is a combination of mango and ube ice cream arranged with mango jam, caramel sauce, and whipped cream topped with a cherry.

Monster Bowl
The monster ice cream bowl is more than just the ice cream. It features 12 scoops of six assorted ice cream flavors topped with whipped cream, candy sprinkles, wafer sticks, and cherries. But if you dig deeper, you will realize that there is so much more in store! Underneath the ice cream are banana slices, cookies, brownies, marshmallow, and almonds! What a treat! But don’t do this alone. Bring your friends and loved ones. I think one bowl can already provide enough sweet treats up to six people!

Take you pick! Only at Bacolod Cupcake Cafe.

So what are you waiting for? Bring your family and friends over to Bacolod Cupcake Cafe and refresh yourselves with these wonderfully sweet and cold creations. They also have cupcakes, cakes, pasta, chicken wraps, and sandwiches. Try them all!

Bacolod Cupcake Cafe is located at Hilado St., across Hua Ming Church, Bacolod City. Tel. No. (034) 435 2171.

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