ArtWalk at the Negros Museum

ArtWalk at The Negros Museum is Now Open


ArtWalk: Negros artists of all ages
now have a hub to showcase
their talent and their works.

ArtWalk at The Negros Museum
Easy displays at the ArtWalk at The Negros Museum.

Art Association of Bacolod-Negros celebrates its 42nd anniversary this 2017. As part of their milestone celebration, they just unveiled the ArtwWalk at The Negros Museum last May 5, 2017.

ArtWalk at The Negros Museum
During the ribbon cutting for the ArtWalk, L-R: Rodney Martinez, Cristina Montelibano-VP of the Negros Cultural Foundation (NCF), Dolly Gatuslao, Lyn Gamboa-NCF President, Rafael Paderna, and Charlie Co.

The ArtWalk was built in collaboration with The Negros Museum in order to promote and develop the arts in the province by making it accessible to all. They work with the motto, “Here in ArtWalk, art is for every Juan, Toto, and Inday.” This is one of the visions of famed Bacolod artist Rodney Martinez when I interviewed him last time. This is part of his legacy to the art community of Negros.

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As a permanent installation, ArtWalk will have regular activities every Friday and Saturday. It’s a hub for artists of all ages and from all walks of life. It is located on the right side, facing the Negros Museum.

ArtWalk was designed with the world’s art hubs in mind, such as the famed Paris art district of Montmartre, California’s Laguna Beach First Thursdays Art Walk, New York’s public art galleries, and free spaces in Sao Paulo in Brazil, which is Latin America’s art capital.

ArtWalk at The Negros Museum
The facade of the ArtWalk.

The main walkway of the ArtWalk will house the art fair that features six different media:
Wet/Water Solubles such as watercolors, coffee, or gouache
Dry Media such as pastels, pen and ink, pencil, or ballpen on canvas
Oil and Acrylics
Mixed Media
Crafts and Indigenous Art

ArtWalk at The Negros Museum
As a ballerina and an artist herself, my daughter was fascinated with these paintings of ballerinas in action.
ArtWalk at The Negros Museum
Works of different media are displayed at the ArtWalk.
ArtWalk at The Negros Museum
Some sculptures.

Alongside these displays will be portrait sittings, plein-air painting with the masters, art forums, special Collectors’ Day exhibit, caricature sessions, site-specific installations and performances, music, muscovado and coffee painting, art workshops as well as crafts bazaar.

During the opening ceremonies, the works of 28 Negrense artists for a total of 200 artworks were displayed. Those who participated were Nunelucio Alvarado, Arthur Bayles, Miriam Bayles, Nilda Claveraz, Ramon delos Santos, Jose Dureza, Dolly Gatuslao, Roedil Geraldo, Ching Guanzon, Larry Guillea, Chrysee Samillano, Leah Divino-Samson, Edbon Sevilleno, Svetlana Sevilleno, Fe Sumagaysay, Paul Sumagaysay, Dennis Valenciano, Revo Yanson, Pnuema Lorenzo, Jane Martinez, Michael Martinez, Rodney Martinez, Pablita Nava, Fred Orig, Rafael Paderna, Divinia Penaflor, and Jonathan Tabing Reyes.

ArtWalk at The Negros Museum
Artist Rodney Martinez shares a light moment with Mrs. Gamboa and Mrs. Montelibano.

The works on exhibit are all for sale. Those who need artworks for their homes and offices are encouraged to visit the ArtWalk and discover works by local artists that they may like. They may also contact the artists here for commissioned work. Surely, with this new development, Bacolod’s art scene will become livelier and more young artists will be encouraged to hone their skills and creativity.

ArtWalk at The Negros Museum
Some of the first paintings on display. Since this is an open exhibit without air conditioning, the works here are covered in glass.

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