AP Partylist headed by Rep. Ronnie Ong and actor Coco Martin support Leni Robredo for President. #164APPartylist #APAkoyPilipino

AP Partylist with Coco Martin: All-Out Support for Leni Robredo

AP Partylist headed by Rep. Ronnie Ong announces support for Leni Robredo and her presidential bid. #164APPartylist #APAkoyPilipino


Rep. Ronnie Ong with Coco Martin of AP Partylist announced their support for Leni Robredo in her bid to become the next president of the Philippines. They continue to banner their support in all the grand rallies they hold around the country.

All-Out Support for Leni Robredo from the AP Partylist

Since officially announcing their support for the presidential run of Vice President Leni Robredo during the #Pasiglaban Grand Rally held last March 20, Sunday in Pasig City, Coco Martin’s AP Partylist continued their support for Robredo. They also campaigned for her at the Reporma Davao People’s Grand Rally in Tagum, Davao last week April 7. AP Partylist campaigned with Moira and Jason, serenading the crowd before Robredo’s arrival at the event. 

~ Rep. Ronnie Ong takes a selfie with VP Leni Robredo. ~

AP Partylist #AkoyPilipino is the new partylist of primetime king Coco Martin. While previously affiliated with another partylist with the same name as his primetime show, Coco Martin is now all-out in supporting his new partylist with first nominee Rep. Ronnie Ong. Ong was also previously-affiliated with Martin’s old partylist.

Coco Martin says, “‘Wag nang mangamba, nandito na ang AP Partylist. Dito na tayo sa biyaheng aasenso ang lahat ng Pilipino,” in encouraging his fellow Filipinos to join him in his new partylist, AP Partylist. 

A New Direction

Ong and Martin decided to represent a new partylist after working together during the pandemic while n helping the transport and livelihood sector. 

During the introduction of the new blended learning system, or online and module classes last August 2020, Ong worked with VP Leni Robredo’s office for their e-learning project. “We also had similar projects with her. We also launched a Libreng Sakay program for health workers and frontliners, as well as establishing E-skwela Hub e-learning centers all over the country to help learners and students adapt to the new normal of classes,” Ong said. “How we work, how we serve, and how we care for our kababayans at AP Partylist aligns with hers, and that’s why AP Partylist, together with our whole family which includes Coco Martin and the Taskforce Agila, supports the Leni Robredo presidential campaign.” 

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Ong further stated, “Naniniwala tayo na kapag tinawag ka, tumindig ka. At tumindig si VP Leni. At ngayon, tumitindig ang buong 164 AP Partylist kasama niya. Tumindig tayong lahat hindi lang para ipanalo ang eleksyong ito, kundi para ipanalo ang taumbayan sa isang biyahe ng gobyernong tapat na aangat ang buhay ng lahat.” 

The Taskforce Agila

Aside from Coco Martin, AP Partylist is also supported by Julia Montes and the famed “Taskforce Agila” from the famous primetime series. The roster includes an all-star cast, namely, Angel Aquino, John Prats, Raymart Santiago, Michael de Mesa, John Medina, and Marc Solis.

Meanwhile, the inspiring Ako’y Pilipino anthem of AP Partylist was created and performed by rapper artists Bryan “Smugglaz” Lao, Lordivino “Bassilyo” Ignacio and Muriel “Sisa” Jamito.

With barely a month to go until election day, AP Partylist has vowed to continue their support for Leni Robredo and her campaign.

VP Leni Robredo, AP Partylist, Ronnie Ong, Coco Martin, Akoy Pilipino Partylist, AP Partylist endorses Leni Robredo
~ The all-star cast supporting AP Partylist by Coco Martin. ~

As what AP Partylist chanted to the crowd in the Davao People’s Grand Rally, “Dito na tayo sa biyaheng aasenso ang lahat ng Pilipino… dahil sa gobyernong tapat, angat-buhay ang lahat!”


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  1. AP partylist,Super daming supporters ni Leni Robredo ,ti c coco martin Supporters din grabi ang pogi niya.

  2. Wow bongga anjan din si Coco Martin goodluck sa lahat ng kumakandidato naway matiwasay ba maidaos at maging masaya sa magiging resulta ng halalan

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  4. Wow na wow ung support na binibgay kay VP Leni. Pati si Coco all out support pari na din ang APParrylist. Wishing you all sa darating na eleksyon. 👍🏻

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