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The temple of Leah in Cebu, Philippines.

5 Famous Places in Cebu To Visit For Holiday Trip

Visit Cebu in southern Philippines and experience the magic of the Old World Charm and the modern developments.


If you intend to explore the Philippines, try to go to the city of Cebu, a beautiful coastal city. Not only beach tourism but there are also historical and modern building tours. Although not as luxurious as Manila, this city has a number of interesting tourist attractions to visit.

Returning from Cebu is also quite easy because now there are many Cebu to Manila flights on Traveloka that you can choose from. If you are interested in exploring Cebu, here is a list of tourist attractions in Cebu that are worth your visit.

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Things To Do in Cebu

1.    Malapascua Island

This island is one of the aces of Cebu because it has beautiful beaches. It’s no wonder that many tourists visit Cebu for their summer holidays. This island, which is located in the Daabantayan region of Cebu, is a friendly tourist spot for family tourism.

There are many activities you can do on this island, from sunbathing, swimming, kayaking or boating. With white sandy beaches and clear seas, this small island is also suitable as a photo background or just a place where you can cool off from the hustle and bustle of work.

2.    Sky Experience Adventure

Enjoying the beauty of the coastal city of Cebu is not enough just from the surface. To be able to see all the beauty of the city, come to Osmena Boulevard to be precise at the Crown Regency Hotel and Towers.

There is a playground that will allow you to taste adventure at a height. Come Monday to Friday 2 pm to 12 pm or Saturday 10  am to 10 pm. The adventure above the height that you can enjoy here is the extreme skywalk.

If that experience isn’t quite as adrenaline-pumping, how about a ride on the Edge Coaster high above the hotel tower? Of course, this tourist spot in Cebu will give you an unforgettable experience. But if you are afraid of heights, you have other entertainment alternatives such as 6-dimensional theater or Black Light Mini Golf.

3.    Basilica Minore del Santos Nino de Cebu

This place is located on Osmena Boulevard and is a sacred place of worship for the local people. However, many tourists arrive both to worship and to enjoy its interesting architecture and history.

If you’re lucky, your arrival at the Basilica will be greeted with the Sinulog Festival. This festival is an annual festival that is held every third Sunday of the new year by the local community. If you’re not at a festival, you can admire the architecture of the Basilica.

There is a small Flemish statue of Jesus (Santa Nino) which is highly revered. The architectural design and philosophy of the Basilica are heavily influenced by the Portuguese culture which colonized the Philippines hundreds of years ago.

4.    Cebu Taoist Temple

Apart from the Catholic religion, other religions also developed in Cebu. This temple was built in 1972 and is a landmark to protect the religious teachings of the teacher Lao Tse who was a Chinese philosopher in 600 BC. Apart from being used for religious activities, this temple is often a tourist spot in Cebu which is visited by many tourists.

~ The Taoist temple is a very popular tourist destination. But certain rules must be observed. ~
Cebu, visit Cebu, Philippines

One of the things that makes many tourists spend time at the Cebu Taoist Temple is because of its captivating artistic appeal. Apart from the two temples named Phu Siang and Main Temple, in this sacred area, there are also other buildings such as a chapel, a library, a souvenir shop, and a wishing well.

5.    Osmena Peak

Enjoying the beauty of the city of Cebu can not only be done on the beach. You also have to visit Osmena Peak to experience it. Located in Dalaguete, Osmena Peak is a landscape that is called the highest point of the city of Cebu.

This area is only recommended to be visited by adult tourists because the tracks are quite difficult. In fact, it would be better if your tour is done with a local guide so you don’t get lost.

Visiting Osmena Peak is more or less reminiscent of traveling to Cameron Highland Malaysia because both are at an altitude. One of the things you can enjoy from a height at Osmena Peak is the beautiful 360-degree view of the city of Cebu and the province around it, namely the province of Negros Oriental.

Those are 5 choices of tourist destinations that you can visit while exploring Cebu. Not only beautiful, but the people of Cebu who live in simplicity also make it different from the life of big cities like Manila.  Don’t forget to buy plane tickets and book hotels at Traveloka.

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