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Anne Bistro PH - one of Bacolod restaurants with fine dining service.

Anne Bistro: Bacolod Restaurant for Fine, Leisurely Dining


Anne Bistro – A Bacolod Restaurant for Fine Food

We all have our all-time favorites. But sometimes, we want to have something special, not run-of-the-mill kind of dishes but food that feeds the soul. And that’s what Anne Bistro wants to offer Bacolodnons–satisfying food for the palate, the heart, and the soul. And their dishes could also qualify for a magazine cover, so they are also a feast for the eyes. It is the kind of Bacolod restaurant where you want to dine, not just eat, and linger with good company over great food.

Anne Bistro - Bacolod restaurant - fusion cuisine
Anne Bistro — a fusion of the best of international cuisine in a Bacolod restaurant.

Fusion Cuisine at Anne Bistro

Owned and operated by Stephanie Varela and Chef Dan Altarejos, who is also the executive chef of Anne Bistro, this relatively new homegrown Bacolod restaurant serves fusion dishes.

Anne Bistro - Bacolod restaurant - appetizers
Assorted pintxos — Spanish appetizers at Anne Bistro.

The menu was initially designed by Chef Dan and Stephanie, showcasing the specialties of the Chef as well as family recipes. The the staff also added some of their specialties.

Anne Bistro - Bacolod restaurant - appetizers
Assorted croquetas (P155).

From my viewpoint, Anne Bistro is like a collage of international dishes, featuring some of the great recipes from other countries with some local inspiration.

Anne Bistro - Bacolod restaurant - Bistro salad
I would totally recommend the Bistro Salad to all vegetable lovers. This is a whole new salad experience. It is a mix of cooked, raw, and pickled vegetables, on a bed of tomato confit, and drizzled lightly with their house balsamic vinaigrette.
Anne Bistro - Bacolod restaurant - chicken corquettas salad
The chicken croquettas Caesar’s salad uses the traditional romaine lettuce dressed with house Caesar dressing and served with chicken croquettas. It is then topped with a poached egg.

Anne Bistro and Their Special Niche

It is a fact that Anne Bistro is not your everyday Bacolod restaurant. The owners want to bring an international caliber dining experience to both local and international guests. Chef Dan also wants the restaurant to reflect his childhood.

Anne Bistro - Bacolod restaurant - Chef Dan Altarejos
Chef Dan at work in the kitchen at Anne Bistro.
Anne Bistro - Bacolod restaurant - entree
Porchetta with liver sauce.

Stephanie says that they “aim to serve produce-driven cuisine to showcase the best seasonal ingredients from the Negros Region in their purest form and flavor.” They are looking forward for food enthusiasts of all ages to enjoy the offerings at Anne Bistro.

Anne Bistro - Bacolod restaurant
Pulled pork something…that was the appetizer when I had lunch there. It’s on the house.

“These guests are very open minded and perhaps well-traveled. They are appreciative of the complexity of how our food is being prepared. Our prices may be a bit over the normal but this is because everything we serve is fresh and handcrafted by our chefs daily. We also use the best quality ingredients and advanced culinary techniques.

Anne Bistro - Bacolod restaurant
Pugita my love — Smoked octopus served with crispy paprika, sweet potato foam, and potato gratin (P350).

Beautiful Bacolod Restaurant

The place where Anne Bistro is now situated was once a beautiful home owned by the Locsin family. The owners of the restaurant have now transformed it to a gorgeous Spanish-Victorian themed bistro.

Anne Bistro - Bacolod restaurant - pasta
Freshly made pesto gnocchi (P295).

When you enter the restaurant, one will first notice the beautiful bricks, moldings, and Spanish tiles. The arch windows and drape curtains give the bistro a more homey feel. It’s simple yet elegant with food that brings you lovely memories of your travels abroad, such as the Hainanese chicken rice from Singapore.

Anne Bistro - Bacolod restaurant - Hainanese chicken rice
The Hainanese Chicken Rice is for the win! I have eaten a lot of chicken rice in Singapore and this one just brings back lovely memories of my short stay in this lovely country.

Show Kitchen and Fresh Food

What separates Anne Bistro from other Bacolod restaurants is the show kitchen, which is perhaps the centerpiece of the entire place. The show kitchen gives the guests a full view of the chefs at work and their creations. Diners can see how the chefs especially prepare each and every dish that comes out of the kitchen. It is part of the guests’ dining experience.

Anne Bistro - Bacolod restaurant
The spacious and modern show kitchen at Anne Bistro.

And boy, do they have a really nice, clean, and modern kitchen!

Anne Bistro - Bacolod restaurant
It’s nice to wine and dine at Anne Bistro.

The dishes served in this Bacolod restaurant are freshly prepared on the spot after ordering. They produce their own breads, pasta, and sauces, which include their mayonnaise and salad dressings. They also cure their own ham, chorizo, and bacon. At Anne Bistro, they make sure that everything is fresh so their dishes have no preservatives nor artificial additives.

Amenities and Services

Anne Bistro has function rooms that can cater to meetings and small events. Later this year, they will be opening a speakeasy bar at the back of the bistro, which will focus on themed nights like acoustic nights, 80’s nights, and more.

Anne Bistro - Bacolod restaurant - sandwiches
Anne Bistro also serves sandwiches, one of which is my favorite — the Cubano.

Sigrid Says

As I have mentioned, Anne Bistro is not your everyday restaurant. Each dish is delicious, beautiful, and well-crafted, but some people might not find them very satisfying.

Anne Bistro - Bacolod restaurant - Bacolod desserts
Creme Brulee (P165), a delicate French dessert, is served at Anne Bistro.

They don’t have budget meals or native foods, so don’t go there for that. If you want Pinoy foods, check this list of Bacolod restaurants serving native foods.

Bacolod restaurants - churros con chocolate - Chef Dan Altarejos
Perhaps the best churros I have ever had.

But this fine dining Bacolod restaurant is a caliber of its own. The first time I went there was with one of my closest girl friends and we both enjoyed the food and the experience.

 Bacolod restaurants - pork humba - list of Bacolod restaurants - comfort food
The humba, Anne Bistro style. A huge slab of pork, slow-cooked to tenderness and served with pickled broccoli, chicharon, young peanuts, and potato terrine for your carb. A totally different experience.

If you haven’t tried special chef-created dishes, then consider this as your learning experience. It’s not everyday that you will experience such kind of dishes that are a feast for the eyes and the palate.

Bacolod bloggers- wine and dine - couples date- Bacolod restaurants - cocktails
Hubby and I during the cocktails for the grand opening.

Contact Details

Anne Bistro PH
Cor. 12th and Aguinaldo Sts., Bacolod City, Negros Occidental, Philippines
Business Hours: 11AM-10PM Tuesdays-Thursdays
11AM-11PM Friday-Sunday | Monday – CLOSED
Tel No. (034) 445-4415, (034) 453-0778, and 09155636973
Facebook Page: AnneBistroPH  | Instagram: @annebistroph

Bacolod restaurants - Anne Bistro PH - brewed coffee
Have some brewed coffee after your meal.
top Bacolod desserts - Bacolod restaurant - dessert - deconstructed turon - fusion cuisine
Your common turon in its naked glory. After trying this, you will not look at turon the same away again. This is Chef Dan’s take on the classic Filipino merienda, made of banana bread, sous-vided and caramelized banana (sab-a), langka mousse, langka puree, langka chips, and served with vanilla ice cream on the side.

Here’s a vlog on Anne Bistro by Lexplorations. Subscribe to Lexplorations on Youtube.

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  1. Anne Bistro looks like a really lovely place to visit, with quality food and great service. I am glad to read you liked it so much!

  2. omg! everything look so yummy and beautiful at Anne Bistro and Creme Brulee is my favorite dessert 😉 I would be happy to have one right now 😉

  3. The food looks incredibly delicious at Anne Bistro and loved its presentation too! I’d love to visit there and try out all its yum delicacies!

  4. I’ve got to say, you’ve totally convinced me on this. The next time I’m in the Philippines, I know where I’m headed! Bacolod City looks like it has a lot to offer in terms of food. Anne Bistro would be on the top of my list of Bacolod restaurants to try.

  5. All dishes at Anne Bistro are mouthwatering beautiful except the Octopus one. Sorry about that but I am not the Octopus eater. For the rest, I love grilled sandwiches, croquetas, pinxtos and creme brulee. I would love to visit this restaurant in the future!

  6. All of the food photos looks soooooo delicious at Anne Bistro! I love that they incorporated a show kitchen too. It’s always entertaining to watch food being prepared.

  7. Anne Bistro is such a nice place to dine in, the ambiance is so good and very welcoming and all the food looks so delicious.

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