Amaia Scapes Bacolod

Amaia Scapes Bacolod - affordable Bacolod real estate

Amaia Scapes Bacolod: Affordable Dream Home


Amaia Scapes Bacolod

Amaia Scapes Bacolod makes your dream home reachable. They have affordable housing units that are within your reach. This is Bacolod real estate that boasts of affordability, quality, convenience and security.

Amaia Scapes Bacolod - Bacolod real estate
The twin pod. You may get one or two units depending on your family size. It can be easily converted.

Affordable | Easy Approval

Bacolod real estate costs have really zoomed up in recent years. Population is increasing in the city so the demand for more living spaces is soaring. Meanwhile, the developments are all over.

But Amaia Scapes Bacolod has housing units that are easily attainable, even by people who are working locally. Two income streams in the family would enable you to comfortably afford a unit here.

Amaia Scapes Bacolod - Bacolod real estate
The multi pod.

There are also financing schemes available to make payments for your dream home very easy.


The Bacolod real estate developments are going farther from the city, as the center is very saturated. Developers are doing their work far and wide. But Amaia Scapes is still quite near Bacolod. It is located near the border of Bacolod and Talisay. Plus, it has the Ayala mall with many amenities just outside the subdivision. So convenient.

Amaia Scapes Bacolod - Bacolod real estate
Two of the bigger housing units.

Features of Amaia Scapes Bacolod

Below, check out the awesome features of Amaia Scapes Bacolod and the possibilities about building your home.

Quality Housing

Amaia Scapes Bacolod houses do not use ready-made hollow blocks. This is a big advancement over other low-cost Bacolod real estate developments. They make their own concrete blocks, which is the basis for making their houses durable.

Amaia Scapes Bacolod - Bacolod real estate
Check out the bricks used to build the Amaia houses.


The ceiling height is 2.5 meters, which allows for good ventilation. All the units is ready to accept drop ceiling.


All the units at Amaia Scapes Bacolod have load- bearing concrete walls.

Amaia Scapes Bacolod - Bacolod real estate
Units are built with strong walls and paint ready.

They have a strength of at least 1000 PSA. All are in paint finish and ready for paint application.

Kitchen Cabinets

To maximize the small spaces, the counter cabinets are ergonomically placed. As a matter of fact, they are positioned for average kitchen appliances. You can easily buy commonly used appliances and install them.

Amaia Scapes Bacolod - Bacolod real estate
The kitchen area of one of the model units.


Meanwhile, all units have aluminum powder-coated sliding windows. These provide a modern look that is space efficient.

Amaia Scapes Bacolod - Bacolod real estate
Windows are pretty and working well. Space saving, too.


Shuttle service

If you think that Amaia Scapes Bacolod is too far from the highway, don’t fret. There is a shuttle service that plies the subdivision to the mall. It goes back and forth every 30 minutes and has designated pick up points. The good thing is, you just pay regular fare. It’s like paying for a jeepney ride. But the ride is air-conditioned.

Option for Customization

There are many home designs to choose at Amaia Scapes Bacolod. Additionally, this Bacolod real estate developments gives you a lot of options. You may customize your unit depending on your need. And it is presented to you while inquiries are made. You have the choice of getting one or two units. And they will show you how to maximize the area.

Amaia Scapes Bacolod - Bacolod real estate
Another small unit that may be converted to your purpose.

Likewise, you may also get a carriage pod. The open pod may be used for a porch or an area for business.

Opportunities to earn

Meanwhile, you can easily open at business inside the community.

To open a shop or office, you may get a carriage pod at Amaia Scapes Bacolod. You may transform the ground floor into a business space. So that means you can earn your livelihood while living in this community. It is even encouraged by this Bacolod real estate company.

Amaia Scapes Bacolod - Bacolod real estate
The tall house is the carriage pod. The glass area on the right side of the house may be converted into a commercial space.

The carriage pod has provisions for you to open a small store. You can build your businesses there that are specified by the management. These businesses are encouraged in order to help the community.

But if your planned business is not in the pre-approved list, that’s okay. You can just submit a proposal for approval.


Common Areas

Amaia Scapes Bacolod has some nice common areas. The have a basketball court with a spacious free area around it. Meanwhile, the club house has an expansive open space in front. Additionally, there are also pocket gardens and islands with palm trees.

Amaia Scapes Bacolod - Bacolod real estate
The basketball court with a spacious open area around. Just needs more plants and trees around the court though.

However, there is an improvement that I would like to see. I would like to see more trees in open spaces. And shrubs, too. Plants would really help in greening the place. They would need it especially when more spaces are filled up.

Amaia Scapes Bacolod - Bacolod real estate
The clubhouse of Amaia Scapes Bacolod from afar.
Amaia Scapes Bacolod - Bacolod real estate
The common pool area at the clubhouse.


As with all Ayala developments, the Amaia Scapes Bacolod community is designed for security. There is a perimeter fence around the property and a tree-lined spine road. Furthermore, there are also guarded entrances and exits, even between phases. You cannot go to the next phase without passing through a guard.


In summary, Amaia Scapes Bacolod gives you a nice home in a secure community. And the best thing is, you can easily afford it. You can avail these properties through financing schemes.

Call 09229007396 for inquiries.

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About Amaia Scapes Bacolod

Amaia Scapes Bacolod (North Point) is the economy residential Brand of Ayala Land Inc. This Bacolod real estate development caters to the broad affordable market segment. In short, it’s n Ayala property made affordable for the Bacolod market. Its design is anchored on five pillars – location, features and amenities, quality, buying experience, as well as living experience.

Amaia Scapes Bacolod - Bacolod real estate
Enter the world of Amaia Scapes Bacolod at Brgy. Zone 15, Talisay City, Negros Occidental, Philippines.

This nice Bacolod real estate is at Brgy. Zone 15, Talisay City, Negros Occidental, Philippines. The location is very near the Bacolod-Talisay border. It is about a 15- minute ride to the Bacolod-Silay Airport. Furthermore, it is also only several kilometers from the highway. The Ayala mall is also conveniently near.

Find Amaia Scapes North Point on the map.

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