Al Dente Ristorante Italiano - Iloilo restaurant - slow cooked beef brisker

Al Dente Ristorante Italiano - Iloilo restaurant - slow cooked beef brisker




AL DENTE RISTORANTE ITALIANO has become Iloilo’s comfort food through the years. This Iloilo restaurant keeps bringing the best on your plate so it has become well-loved.

Al Dente Ristorante Italiano - Iloilo restaurant - slow cooked beef brisket
Slow cooked beef brisket. The serving is for one but this may be shared by two. So tender and flavorful!

Well-Loved Iloilo Restaurant

If you are thinking about Iloilo restaurants, almost always, you will surely remember one name — AL DENTE RISTORANTE ITALIANO. That is because for 18 years, Al Dente has served good old-time favorite Italian dishes to the people of Iloilo. Through the years, they have developed new entries and their menu is very extensive, catering to probably every craving that you might have. And well, it also helped that I often heard their ad playing on the radio. That is some brand recall.

I remember way back in the 1990s, my first job is into production and we had events in Iloilo held at Sarabia Manor Hotel. My colleagues and I would often dine here. I would remember having their pasta almost always and I felt happy dining there. A couple of years ago, when I traveled to Iloilo for an event at Sarabia, I also ate at Al Dente.

Al Dente Ristorante Italiano - Iloilo restaurant - carbonara
Carbonara cooked the traditional Italian way — no cream. Lovet!

Yummy Food, Reasonable Prices

Al Dente is not a very fancy restaurant, but the food is superb, has big servings and beautiful arrangements that you will think you are in a fine dine restaurant. And the prices are very reasonable. They have a good selection of wines and beers, too. Plus, the staff is knowledgeable and friendly.

Al Dente Ristorante Italiano - Iloilo restaurant - Italian baby back ribs
Italian baby back ribs in barbecue sauce served with mashed potatoes and onion rings. You may opt to have rice with this.

Our family had one meal each but we had to sample each other’s food because they all look scrumptious. And they are all so good. My tummy is growling as I am writing this, remembering our food experience there.

Check out the rest of our meal there.

Al Dente Ristorante Italiano - Iloilo restaurant - cheese sticks
Italian cheese sticks served with pomodoro sauce.

Special mention to their pizzas with a very crunchy thin crust. We were talking for a long while already and there was still some pizza left. After like an hour or so, I still ate a slice of pizza and I was surprised that the crust was still crunchy. Of course, it was no longer hot but the crust is still surprisingly good.

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Al Dente Ristorante Italiano - Iloilo restaurant - chicken inasal pizza
Chicken inasal pizza on thin crust that is so crunchy to the bite.

Since this is her longest-running restaurant, Al Dente might as well be considered as the baby of  Chef Pauline Banusing. The main kitchen and commissary are here at the restaurant and she takes prides is crafting customized catering services to her clients. She goes all out in catering, up to designing how the table would look like. And the results are Instagram-worthy–not run of the mill arrangements.

Al Dente Ristorante Italiano - Iloilo restaurant - chocolate cake
Chocolate cake ala mode drizzled with caramel syrup for dessert.

Al Dente Ristorante Italiano & Catering Services

Sarabia Manor Hotel and Convention Center
Now known as The Mansion, #101 General Luna Street
Iloilo City, Philippines
Call (033) 335 1021
Open daily from 11:00AM – 10:00PM

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