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Let's discuss a very important men's health issue -- low testosterone levels.

A Quick Review About Testosterone Products

An important part of men’s health is the male hormone called testosterone. Learn about the low


There are a few things in the body that are very important to us because they help us to function properly. And then there are those things that we cannot do without because it will show on our exteriors, such as our hormones. One such element is the male sex hormone known as Testosterone.

About Testosterone

Testosterone is one of those vital hormones that men need. It is a naturally occurring participant in the body, however, there are a few factors that can affect its levels as we age. If levels are below 300 ng/dL, that means it is way low. This article will cover all the signs and benefits or normalizing T-Levels in men.

This hormone has some major benefits and functions in a man’s body. Some of which include:

  • Sperm production
  • Development of muscles and bones
  • Changes to hair growth, voice and appearance when men reach puberty and beyond

How to Tell When Your T-Levels Are Low?

There are a few tell-tale signs of low T-levels in men, some of these include:

Hair Loss

One of the main functions of this male hormone is to keep hair growth in men. However, when this becomes low, it affects a man’s crowning glory. He can either start losing hair or his mane starts to thin out.

Hair implants may be a good solution for this. There is a process of T-implants that have been realized to support hair growth. Find out more about a study that has been done about this here.

Issues with Erections

The most common issue withLow T-Levels can make it difficult to maintain or get erections all together. Because the hormone helps in stimulating the tissues and produce nitric oxide combined with several other processes that lead to an erection. When levels are low, this gets hindered.

A Reduction in Bone Mass

Due to the ability of this component maintaining bone volume and producing bone tissue. When levels are low, it affects this too. Bones can become more brittle and susceptible to injury and fractures.      

Sleep Deprivation

Believe it or not, this can also affect your sleep levels. It has been known to cause a particularly difficult sleeping condition called sleep apnea. With low levels of T, this affects the circadian rhythms that we have during our sleep cycles usually every 90 minutes, disrupting it and thereby causing discomfort when trying to maintain sleep during the night. Learn more about this from this source

Weight Gain and Body Fat Increase

Not the best one, but its there. A reduction in this element in the body can lead to an increase in fat cells. As if that’s not bad enough, some men get a side-effect known as gynecomastia, enlarged breasts.

How Do We Fix This?

The good news is, all of those nasties above, can be fixed! There are a few insightful and interesting Testosterone review articles online, that state that by taking replacements to enhance the levels of the hormone and normalize it, you can get back to that same body, internally and externally, that you had before all the issues began. The simple answer is by taking specific supplements available on the market to replace the lost cause.

The prime ingredients in these kinds of products are well known to us and surprisingly enough some are even in our kitchen pantry right now. Ginger, fenugreek, and vitamin D are just some of them.

The other recommendation of medical professionals is to get Testosterone Replacement Therapy done. Your options range from skin gels to mouth patches, implants, and even injections. When not taking supplements, any one of these can be a better way to find yourself again and a safer way too, as some pills tend to have a strain on your liver. If you’re unsure, always consult a professional at an ED Clinic Chesterfield (or similar clinic near you) as they’ll know exactly how much to prescribe.

The expectation of going through this type of therapy can vary. Because everyone is different and their bodies can vary in size, age, and abilities. However, the consensus states that many men have reported an improvement in energy levels, an increase in erections and quality thereof, and an enhanced sex drive.

Another advantage of going for this is it increases muscle mass, bone density, and insulin levels in the system, not to forget, the effect of mood swings from the lack of this substance in bodies, is reversed and there seems to be a vast improvement in participants overall mood. These reactions affect one in ten men, they can either feel a significant difference or none at all. However, the majority of the participants have had positive results overall.

Before dosing yourself with supplements consult a professional to find out if it is the right way for your particular needs or if you should try a different method. Sometimes it may make underlying health conditions worse, and irreversible. As lucrative as all of the above positive results sound, better to stay safe than sorry.

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