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Here are some useful tips in setting up your cozy family entertainment room.

4 Tips for Designing a Family Entertainment Room


A family entertainment room is an all-purpose space at home where family members engage in recreational activities. These can include watching TV, playing games, family discussions, and other group activities. Typically, these rooms are equipped with various appliances like TVs, sound systems, and gaming consoles to keep everyone entertained. But it can also have other items depending on the family’s hobbies and interests. 

Setting Up Your Family Entertainment Room

For many Filipino homes, their family entertainment room also serves as a room where they receive guests. While the entertainment room is where you and your family can have an enjoyable time together, it must also feel welcoming to people visiting you. This is why you need to make sure that it is a comfortable space.

If you are very busy, it is best to consult with professionals who can see the project from start to finish. You can search for something like “handyman near me in Union Center” (or wherever it is you are located) to find someone who will be able to help you bring this room to life.

In any case, here are some tips for designing a family entertainment room that everyone can appreciate. 

Upgrade Your Entertainment System

Watching television together is a common Filipino pastime – if you check out the history of cable TV, you can learn some statistics regarding television! This is why a lot of Filipinos consider the television as the star appliance of their living and entertainment space. And since using streaming services have become a popular way to access shows and movies, many individuals are inclined to upgrade their current TVs for a better viewing experience.

In case you’re considering upgrading your current TV, there are a lot of affordable smart TVs packed with different features available today. You can even find ones with 4K resolutions. This kind of screen has more pixels than standard-definition televisions. It provides clearer and sharper images, letting you see all the fine details. Also, with smart TVs, you just need an internet connection to enjoy your favorite online content. You don’t need to connect to a separate device or go through various wires.

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~ Most Filipino families watch TV together. ~

Whether you are buying the best smart TVs online or in a physical appliance store, you need to pick one that will suit your room size as it will determine the distance of your seating area to your TV. It will be harder to appreciate what you are watching when your screen is small and you are sitting too far. On the other hand, sitting too close to a big screen can be exhausting on the eyes.

Place Comfortable Seating

All well-designed entertainment rooms require comfortable seating. This way, you and your family can have somewhere comfy to relax and unwind. Place sofas and chairs with soft cushions in the room. You can include a fluffy rug or some bean bags to make sitting on the floor comfortable, too. Also, feel free to put some throw pillows you can snuggle with or use to support your arms or back. These soft and cushiony elements will make you more comfortable when viewing movies or binge-watching your favorite shows. 

When positioning your couch in the room, make sure it has ample distance from the TV. This way, you can fully enjoy your TV’s high-definition screen without straining your eyes. If your space allows you to install a 60-inch TV, you need at least 1.5 meters distance from the screen. In case your room is not very large and you have a 40-inch screen, place your couch one meter away from the TV.

Include Items To Accommodate Your Family’s Interests

Since the family entertainment room is a common area, you need to equip it with items that can accommodate your family’s various interests. For example, if one of your hobbies is reading books, set up a reading nook with a comfortable chair and ample lighting. You can also create a mini library with shelves full of different books and other reading materials. 

Many individuals find gaming as a fun activity. If anyone in your family likes to play video games, get some gaming consoles you can use together. When setting it up, make sure you keep all the wires properly to prevent anyone accidentally tripping on them. Keeping the wires hidden and organized also makes the space look clutter-free.

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~ Board games and puzzles are fun to do and they keep everyone away from gadgets. ~

For gadget-free entertainment, have different board games ready. It’s a great way to have some family fun and reduce your children’s screen time. However, you need to ensure you have proper storage for the games. It will reduce clutter and make sure all game pieces stay organized for your next game night. You can have storage bins and put them on open shelves so every member of your family can easily access and return what they need. Another option is installing handleless cabinets for a sleek and modern feel in your interior.

Decorate with Indoor Plants

If you want to update the décor of your family entertainment room, consider adding some plants. They bring life to the room and add color to the space. Aside from being aesthetically pleasing, bringing a piece of nature indoors can help you feel more relaxed. Indoor plants can improve the air quality of a space by absorbing toxins, producing oxygen, and increasing humidity levels.

When picking indoor plants, make sure to select those that are non-toxic. Some plants can be harmful to small children and pets if accidentally ingested. Stay away from pothos and aloe vera plants. Instead, decorate your family space with Boston ferns, blue echeveria, and spider plants.

A family entertainment room is a great space to foster family bonding. It’s a place where you can engage in different activities together like watching TV and playing games. With appealing decor, it can also become a comfortable space for guests to stay in during their visit. Whether you intend the room to welcome guests or a place you and your family can unwind, design it according to your family’s needs and aesthetics.

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