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Finishing your home design project need not be expensive.

3 Effective Tips to Save Money on a Home Design Project


Save Money on a Home Design Project

There’s something truly uplifting about redesigning your home. Whether it’s the work you put into making your home exactly how you want it or the way that your design comes together at the end and matches your vision perfectly. There’s just something magical about the entire process when a home design project is completed.

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Save costs while achieving your dream home design project.

Home Design Project Costs

That being said, there’s nothing magical about footing the bill to redesign your home. The cost of furniture, paint, wallpaper, and other decor items has been rising steadily over the past decade. We’ve reached a point where the average home remodeling project costs around $42,000. For many people, that’s more than the value of two of their vehicles combined.

With that in mind, if you’re preparing to remodel or redesign your home, be smart about it, and save money where you can.

Below are three tips I know work from experience. I’m sharing them with you now so that you can save your hard-earned cash while still realizing the home of your dreams.

Stick with One Color You Like

One of the quickest ways to rack up costs in a home design project is with paints. Different hues cost different prices, and you’ll want to invest in quality paint so it doesn’t chip or smear quickly.

With that being said, once you have found your favorite color, try to stick with it as much as you can. When you vary between many colors, you not only cause the price to fluctuate, but you could be wasting money. A room may not require an entire bucket to paint, and if you have to buy a different color for every room, you could be throwing your money away by wasting paint.

One option you might consider is to stick with a moderate hue that’s neither too bright nor too dark. That way you’re more likely to find a shade that everyone in the family can live with, if not absolutely adore.

Invest in Quality Up Front

This might sound counter intuitive, but you may need to spend more money now to save money later. Let me explain:

If you invest in cheap and offhand brands of furniture, paint, and other items to save money, you can expect that the quality will be cheap also. These cheaply produced materials will wear out and break fairly quickly, and you may find yourself shopping again soon. Depending on how long that takes, inflation rates could kick in and the same item will be significantly more expensive when you need a replacement.

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Invest in good quality and ergonomic furniture that will last you for a long time.

If you go ahead and invest in something that’s made with quality and durability in mind, it will last much longer. This is particularly true in bedding, chairs, sofas, and rugs. If you’re planning to purchase any of these pieces as part of your home makeover, you should invest in the best quality pieces available.

You may have to sacrifice more right now, but in the long run, you’ll save more.

Use Items You’ve Made to Give a Personal Touch

There’s nothing more unique than something you’ve made from scratch. Be it a flower pot, a piece of wall art, or a picture frame, there’s no piece of manufactured decor that even comes close to replicating that personal touch that handmade pieces do.

Rather than buying expensive frames for your family photos, try making some yourself. If you need some cute decorations for your mantle, try needle felting your own felt animals. If you’re craving a new quilt, patch one together yourself.

home design project - home decor - DIY crafts - wall decor - Bacolod blogger
DIY home decor adds a personal touch to your space.

These are great options to not only save money but bring families closer together. I know one of my granny’s favorite pastimes was to quilt, and she loved it when we would join her. You could feel the passion she had as she explained the best ways to weave the thread together, and how to ensure your measurements lined up exactly.

By using your own arts and crafts as home decor, you can also enjoy these priceless moments with your children. You will cherish these decors for your home design project far more than any fancy picture frame you bought in a store.

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