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Like Ivana Alawi, let's #SendGCashSendLove to our loved ones.

#SendGCashSendLove: Ivana’s Newfound Partner for Life

Like Ivana, you can also #SendGCashSendLove.


Ivana Alawi is one of the most popular vloggers in the country who has gained a loyal following because of her fun content, which shows how she expresses her love for the people around her. These are mostly her family, friends, fans, and many others. As packed as her schedule is, she always makes the time to give back to her community, holding several donation drives and sharing her experiences on her Youtube channel. Like Ivana, you can also #SendGCashSendLove.

#SendGCashSendLove With the GCash App

This February, Ivana unveils a new way to send love with her new partner that does it all for her – the GCash app.

The #1 e-wallet in the country recently launched the online sensation as the newest member of its barkada. Ivana is the perfect face to show #SendGCashSendLove as the easiest and safest way to send your love to the people in your life.

“I’m really happy to be the newest face of GCash. Dati pa akong gumagamit ng app na ito, and I’m really glad na ine-endorse ko na siya ngayon,” says Ivana. “I’ve been using GCash Send Money throughout the pandemic to send love and money to my friends and family and it never fails me. Also, nung pandemic gustong-gusto ko tumulong, gustong-gusto ko mag-pamigay (at) ang naging way talaga para sa akin ay GCash.”

Know More About GCash

Ivana hopes to highlight the many features of GCash Send Money, such as Express Send, Padala, and Send with a Clip. She wants to show how these features can help users send money and love to the people in their lives in real-time, hassle-free!

GCash’s Chief Customer Officer Winsley Bangit says, “We’re so excited to welcome Ivana to the GCash barkada. She exudes the spirit of GCash, which is to uplift the lives of fellow Filipinos. With her help, we hope to reach as many people to show them how easy and safe it is to #SendGCashSendLove.”

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~ Ivana Alawi for Gcash. ~

Madali at simple with GCash! Download the app and get verified, so you can cash-in and start sending money to your loved ones with just a few taps. Express Send makes money transfers sulit at safe. It’s easy to send your love from GCash to GCash, in real-time, libre pa!

What If Walang GCash?

Want to #SendGCashSendLove to someone without a GCash account? No problem! 

GCash Padala allows you to send money to non-GCash users in real-time, as its network of over 40k partner outlets and growing allows receivers to claim padala sent from GCash accounts. It has the cheapest padala fee of just 1% fee for Php500 transfers. No other hidden fees, kayang-kaya magpadaLOVE kada buwan sa probinsya!

Add a little more heart by personalizing your money transfer with Send with a Clip. Attach themes, photos, or videos whether or not there’s a special occasion, to show your love in a more meaningful way.

“With over 51 million registered users, and over 170k* outlets nationwide, GCash is definitely everyone’s favorite and #1 e-wallet in the Philippines because you can access it anytime and anywhere,” adds Bangit.

Whether it’s through Express Send, GCash Padala, or Send with a Clip, it’s never been easier for you to #SendGCashSendLove to the special people in your life – real-time na, libre pa!

  • To learn more about GCash, you may visit GCash’s website or GCash’s Facebook page.

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