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Comm&Sense, the award-winning Philippine PR Agency, helps three SMEs bounce back from the pandemic.

PR Efforts of Comm&Sense Helps SMEs Rise Up from the Pandemic

To help get the economy rolling again, Comm&Sense helps Pinoy SMEs bounce back from the pandemic as a PR advocacy.


Given mobility restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) were among those badly hit. To get the economy rolling again, Comm&Sense helps SMEs bounce back from the pandemic as a PR advocacy. Read more.

Comm&Sense: Doing What They Do Best

SMEs are considered as the backbone of the Philippine economy. Unfortunately, they were among those that were hit the worst because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Their economic problems led to pay cuts and retrenchment, or worse, the closing of the business.

Award-winning public relations agency Comm&Sense saw the plight of the many SMEs that continued to fight hard in order to survive the crisis.

So instead of having a grand celebration, the PR agency saw it best to honor its 15th year by “paying it forward” to fellow SMEs. Doing what they do best, Comm&Sense helped businesses that needed a jumpstart to get moving from the adverse economic effects of the pandemic.

Bouncing Forward Together

Entitled “Bounce Forward with Comm&Sense,” the agency asked SMEs and related associations to share their stories of struggles. Along with that, they were allowed to share how they rose above the challenges that the pandemic presented to them.

~ #BounceForwardin2021 — the advocacy launched by Comm&Sense. ~

Three SMEs were chosen from among those that submitted their entries. These are (in no particular order):

  • Mercato Centrale Group
  • Jwien Food Corporation
  • Association of Filipino Franchisers, Inc. (AFFI)

The winners were chosen based on the kind of ingenuity, grit, perseverance, and motivation needed to personify the “bounce forward” mindset. The three SMEs that won will be receiving the following PR Services Package from Comm&Sense:

  • branding kit
  • social media designs
  • ads training
  • content strategy

Mercato Centrale

Co-founded by entrepreneur and TV personality RJ Ledesma, Mercato Centrale is the famous food market in Metro Manila’s central business districts.

Jwien Food Corporation

Meanwhile, Jwien provides affordable tempuras through its Tokyo Tempura food carts. They also distribute their products via franchisees.


With a different format, AFFI is a group of franchisers that support one another through programs promoting the best practices of franchising.


Esteemed professionals in the communications business formed the panel of judges for the campaign. These are:

  • Doris Dumlao-Abadilla: business reporter for Philippine Daily Inquirer
  • Carla Estanislao: regional team lead for the Asia-Pacific Tambuli awards
  • Anamarie “Honey” Reyes: BDO Unibank Senior Assistant Vice President for Corporate Communications
  • Fitz Villafuerte: renowned finance blogger and Registered Financial Planner
  • Charlotte Fabian-Reyes: Comm&Sense Managing Director

The winners will have their onboarding sessions with Comm&Sense in the first quarter of 2021.

“It’s always great to celebrate a milestone and reaching 15 years is no joke, especially with the many challenges we’ve gone through the years. But in light of the gloomy situation around us, we felt that the celebration would be much more meaningful if we share the expertise we’ve gained with other businesses that need it.” This was said by Comm&Sense Founder, President, and CEO Jaeger L. Tanco.

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~ Comm&Sense CEO Jaeger Tanco says the best way to celebrate their 15th anniversary is to help SMEs bounce back from the pandemic. ~

“Through our ‘Bounce Forward with Comm&Sense’ campaign, we hope to help not just the three businesses that won, but also the economy get back on its feet, so we can all bounce forward towards a much better normal,” he added.

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