Negrense Blogging Society Inc. Christmas Party 2014

A fun night filled with good times, yummy food, great people, and lots of gifts! Some photos are from Dhadha Garcia of Dhadhagraphy.

Made possible by: E. GATANELA REALTY CO., Merzci, Experience Negros, QUAN Delicacies, Victorias Foods Corporation, Munsterific Grab N Go, The Cocoon – L’Fisher Hotel, Bacolod Cupcake Cafe Inc., Fresh Start Organic, and Viaje Negrense

Special thanks to:
SM City Bacolod, 21 Restaurant, Balboa Restaurant, Grand Royal Spa Bacolod, Innové Grafx by Wilmar Enterprises, BongBong’s Piaya and Barquillos, Spa Natura, O’Fisher Spa, 27th Bascon, and Jojo Vito Designs Gallery

The Negrense Blogging Society Inc. (NBSI)–the institution backing the bloggers of Negros, held its Christmas Party 2014 last Sunday, December 14, 2014. It started with a quick dinner at Balboa Restaurant, an affordable place to dine for the whole family and barkada serving great food, followed by a night of laughter, some games, exchanging of gifts, and sing-along at Gourmandz Burger Pasta. We are such an entertaining bunch that we were able to entertain ourselves throughout the night. And boy, do we have a lot of good singers in our midst. (Note: Balboa is located at Mayfair Plaza, 13 Lacson St., while Gourmandz is at 15th Lacson St. So we just walked the two small blocks between our two venues).

It was just a great time to unwind. We are all very busy because among Negros bloggers, I think only four of us are really full-time bloggers. Most of us have careers or running their own businesses that blogging is more of a passion, a hobby that helps us express ourselves. But all of us have one goal in mind–that is to promote Bacolod, local establishments, and the entire province of Negros Occidental. Together, we will be instrumental in making our city and our province known to the world.

With this post is the hope that we will all have a better blogging year with more activities and prospects.

Thank you to all our sponsors, we had a lot of prizes and take-home gifts that night. And yes, we all had a Merry Christmas!

Here are our photos from the event.

Our quick dinner at Balboa Restaurant.
At the Gourmandz KTV where we had our sing-along and games. We all stayed until the end of our allotted time.
Singers of the night vying for bottles of win from Munsterific Grab n Go.
Some of the winners of the night of gift certificates, gift boxes, and gift packs from Bongbong’s Barquillos. There are many more!
Thank you to all our sponsors!
Gift packs from Victorias Foods Corporation.
Goodies from Quan Native Delicacies.
Yummy Napoleones from Merzci Pasalubong.
Wines from Munsterific and gift certificates from SM City Bacolod.
Gift certificates from different Bacolod establishments–Grand Royal Spa, Bacolod Cupcake Cafe, O’Fisher Spa, Balboa Restaurant, 21 Restaurant, and Spa Natura.
Gift packs of organic products from Fresh Start Organic.

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  1. Thank you Team Lo for helping organize the event and leading the solicitation. We had so much fun! Hopefully next year we will have a bigger event. Merry Christmas to all of you!

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