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Compare care insurance quotes before signing the contract for a new policy.

How to Compare Car Insurance Quotes and Get the Best Deal

How do you know that you go the best insurance coverage for your car? Here are some tips on how to compare car insurance quotes.


Now you got your dream. You are now the proud owner of a personal vehicle. But before you go zooming around the city or on a road trip, make sure that it is covered. How do you know that you got the best insurance coverage for your car? Here are some tips on how to compare car insurance quotes and get the best value.

Tips on how to compare car insurance quotes

These can be some common sense things to do, but sometimes, in our excitement, we tend to forget some things.

However, you get to save some money and get the best deal when you know how to compare car insurance quotes.

Here are some tips for you.

Narrow your list to the top 5 car insurance companies.

The Philippines has many non-life insurance companies in the business. But not everyone is the same. It is best to trust only the most stable company with the best rates and servicing.

Your insurance policies should help you in time of need, not give you more trouble when the time comes.

compare car insurance quotes - Malayan - Bacolod blogger - coverage - road trip - travel
~ There is a whole range of insurance products to cover any kind of vehicle. It can be daunting, but with these tips, you can carefully compare car insurance quotes and get the best deal in the market. ~

One sure car insurance is one good company to consider. They offer a good range of products with different kinds of coverage to suit your needs and budget. But of course, it is always wise to get comprehensive insurance coverage in the long run.

Research about the consumer track record of the car insurance company.

Now that you have narrowed down your list, check up on these companies from consumer testimonies. The actual clients, and also the ex-clients, are your best resource.

They can tell you an objective opinion about an insurance company, including complaints, especially about service.

If you have a teenage son or daughter who is starting to drive, you have to put that into consideration as well. Many insurance companies charge a lot for new drivers.

You can also go online with this endeavor, as there are many people who post their reviews online. The General specializes in drivers with special circumstances, so you can ask them about that, too.

Compare the complaint ratios.

No company is perfect. But sometimes, it is not the fault of the company but some of the people manning it.

So if you find reviews online, compare the complaint ratios.

Read through them and you will know if it’s the fault of the company or just the underwriter. Then search more on how the company handles accidents and also complaints.

Compare car insurance quotes objectively.

When you make a comparison between companies, get quotes with the exact same coverage. This way, you will know if you are getting the best value for your money in terms of the cost over coverage. Tell them the kind of coverage you want plus the inclusions and let the agent give you a quote.

Check if the company offers discounts.

Know more about your potential car insurance discounts. Some of the qualified discounts would be for things like bundling home and auto insurance with the same company.

Ask the representative for any other possible discount so that you can properly compare the lowest possible rates.

Compare optional auto insurance coverage.

There are insurance companies that offer optional coverage. These are for items like rental car coverage while your car is being repaired, towing, and labor coverage. Some even include CD/DVD replacement costs if these items are stolen from your car.

Remember, don’t take any optional insurance coverage unless you really think you need it. It’s just an additional expense.

compare car insurance quotes - Malayan - Bacolod blogger - coverage - road trip - travel
~ Have your car insurance in place for a worry-free road trip. ~

However, if a company offers optional coverage at the same price, then go for the one with the additional coverage.

You are getting free coverage plus you are worry-free to go around Bacolod City for the day.

Now, do you already have that car for yourself or for the entire family? Get free insurance quotes from the best car insurance in the Philippines today.

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