Home Free - country music - all male American band

Home Free - country music - all male American band

Home Free: Our New Favorite Band


Country Music: Home Free Band

My young daughters and I have a new favorite all-made band – Home Free. We are so stoked with their vocal ranges and how they cover some of our favorite songs. While Home Free is primarily a country music band, which is not really my favorite music genre, they have actually made a convert out of me.

Home Free - country band
Home Free, the country band is composed of, from left: Adam Rupp, Adam Chance, Austin Brown, Rob Linquist, and Tim Foust. Photo credits: http://www.alaskastatefair.org.

Home Free is an American a cappella group composed of five vocalists, namely Austin Brown, Rob Lundquist, Adam Rupp, Tim Foust, and Adam Chance. The band is structured like a traditional quartet, with a lead tenor, two harmony voices, and a bass.

Why We Love Them

We are especially stoked with Austin’s high voice, but we are also mesmerized with Tim’s vocal range. He has this deep voice but he can also take on high notes and his voice is actually so pleasing to the ears. In their cover of Mayday by Cam, you will be able to appreciate Tim’s high voice. It’s so sweet. This is also one of our favorite covers. Watch the video below:

Mayday by Cam
Cover by Home Free

Plus, we also love Adam Rupp’s beat boxing. This guy is amazing. Rob and Adam Chance also have very nice voices. Put them all together and you have a really amazing singing group.

The Home Free band uses their voices to create a symphony. They don’t even use simple instruments, like guitar or piano. But in case you need easy songs on piano, you can easily find musical pieces online.

Sense of Humor

Aside from their musical style and superb vocal qualities (thanks to their natural talents and formal music training), we love Home Free because of their sense of humor. Me and the girls think that these guys are actually fun and funny. hehe

Home Free - country music
The good looking and musically powerful Home Free band. Photo credits: https://www.entertainment-focus.com.

Additionally, I can allow my little girls to watch their videos because these are “safe”. Yep, an all-made band with rather conservative videos that can be watched by little girls (I am strict with that). So kudos to the Home Free band for making these family-friendly music videos.

Home Free Videos

We love pretty much all of Home Free Music videos, but we especially love two of their covers — Try Everything by Shakira and Story of My Life by the now defunct boy band, One Direction. These are, of course, in addition to Mayday. Here are their videos below, just to give you a glimpse of how good they are.

Try Everything by Shakira
Cover by Home Free

Story of My Life by One Direction
Cover by Home Free

Subscribe to the Home Free Channel

If you liked the sampling of songs that I shared above, subscribe to the band’s YouTube channel, Home Free. They upload new videos every two weeks, on the average.


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