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As the holiday rush comes into full swing, GCash is ramping up warnings to its customers against fake online sellers.

#GSafeTayo: GCash Ramps Up Warnings vs Fake Online Sellers


As the holiday rush comes into full swing, GCash is ramping up warnings to its customers against fake online sellers. The company is being very vigilant so that it can ensure a smooth and safe Christmas shopping experience for all its users. Read more.

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Preventing Scams by Fake Online Sellers

In line with the company’s intensified security campaign under #GSafeTayo, GCash Chief Customer Officer Winsley Bangit said, “we’re encouraging our customers to make sure they’re only purchasing from trusted online sellers especially as we try to find the perfect Christmas gifts for our loved ones. While GCash has top-notch security measures in place to protect our customers’ funds, it’s also their responsibility to ensure they’re dealing with legitimate sellers.”

Bangit also shared some quick tips to ensure an online seller is genuine and to prevent being victimized by fake online sellers:

  • Check out the seller before checking out the items. Make sure that they’ve been active for a long time and already have a history of successful transactions with other buyers. Be careful with seller profiles that have only been recently created and if they don’t have complete information about their business.
  • Take time to read customer reviews. A legitimate seller usually has many good reviews posted on their accounts or pages. If a profile does not have reviews available or negative ones outnumber positive feedback, these profiles might be fake or offer poor service.
  • Complete your payment once the item is delivered. Ask the seller if you can pay for the item after it has been delivered or opt to make a partial payment first.

Online Shopping Protect

GCash has also introduced a new product under its GInsure platform, “Online Shopping Protect,” that can help its users have peace of mind when they shop online. For just P34 per month, GCash customers can get up to Php20,000 in insurance coverage for incomplete deliveries, defective items, and accidentally damaged, or stolen products. The new offering, which will launch soon on GInsure, is powered by the global insurance company, Chubb.

“GCash is relentless in its drive against scammers and other cybercriminals as we never stop innovating not just with our products and services, but also with our security features. Our users can also rest assured that GCash is in close coordination with authorities like the Philippine National Police Anti-Cybercrime Group (PNP-ACG) in the fight against fraudsters,” Bangit said.

Just in November, GCash signed a memorandum of agreement with the PNP-ACG to strengthen collaboration in catching perpetrators involved in phishing, smishing, online fraud, e-scams, vishing, and other cybercrimes that take advantage of GCash users.

  • To report scams,  users can visit the official GCash Help Center at https://help.gcash.com/hc/en-us, message Gigi on the website, and type, “I want to report a scam.”
  • Remember: GCash will NEVER send you a personal message to address concerns. Customers can also reach out to the official GCash hotline: 2882 for queries and other concerns.

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  1. That’s good. Customers need to be safe especially this upcoming holiday season. Having an insurance is a must nowadays.

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