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Fitness Mecca Bacolod gym

FITNESS MECCA World Class Bacolod Gym


Newest Bacolod fitness gym

We are seeing Bacolod City rise up in the health and wellness scale. We see a lot of organic and vegetarian Bacolod restaurants flourishing and of course, new and very modern fitness gyms are opening one after the other. It is a great idea that we are steering the future generation to this direction. We are seeing a healthy future around here.

Fitness Mecca Bacolod gym
Fitness Mecca at Robinsons Place Citywalk — the newest Bacolod gym.
Fitness Mecca Bacolod gym
The reception of Fitness Mecca. They accept credit card payments.


The newest fitness gym to open in Bacolod is Fitness Mecca, which is conveniently located at Robinsons Citywalk, Mandalagan, Bacolod City. Open daily, they do not follow mall hours. Clients can come here and do their routines as early as 6am and leave at 9pm. It is open to cater to a broad spectrum of fitness enthusiasts whose hours of availability vary during the day or even the week.

Fitness Mecca Bacolod gym
The treadmills on stand by–all by Technogym.

Fitness Mecca sits on a 700-square meter of floor space at the Citywalk at Robinsons Place Bacolod. There are many modern exercise equipment, all provided for by Technogym. They have a studio for different group classes like Zumba, spinning, yoga, boxing, HIIT, and suspension training. I personally tried spinning (my first time) with the energetic¬†Coach Chao Lacson and I only lasted one song. haha Pathetic. I especially enjoyed boxing though, I feel like I am releasing so much stress with every punch. Boxing is already part of your membership, but you can of course, tip your coach after the session. Sadly, since it’s been years since I have had a decent workout, my muscles are still very sore and it’s already the third day. Pfft.

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Fitness Mecca Bacolod gym
Chao Lacson our spinning coach.
Fitness Mecca Bacolod gym
Warming up before our session with a boxing coach.

Fitness Mecca Advantage

Modern and new exercise equipment. All the exercise equipment are from Technogym, an Italian brand that is a world leader in cutting-edge, innovative gym equipment and machines. Fitness Mecca even has one called the Skillmill, which is the first in the Philippines because it’s the company’s newest product.

Fitness Mecca Bacolod gym
The Skillmill, the newest equipment by Technogym and Fitness Mecca is the first to have it in the Philippines.
Fitness Mecca Bacolod gym
Omnia Functional Training can have eight users at one time.

Well-lit. The ambiance looks airy and spacious and non-intimidating. When you enter the gym, you are greeted by their friendly staff while an expansive free area greets you. It’s non-threatening and actually refreshing.

Ample parking space. Since it’s located at the mall, there is ample parking space provided for by Robinsons Place Bacolod. This is especially true for people who like to enjoy gym sessions in the morning and don’t want to compete with cars going to schools or universities. And the best part is, you can just drive around to the back–you don’t have to pass by the mall if you don’t want to.

Friendly and helpful staff and coaches. The staff and coaches are friendly and well-trained to assist everyone who comes in, whether a newbie or a veteran. A new member will always find his or her way around here, whether in using the machines or joining the classes. You don’t need to sign up for a dedicated coach just to get help to accomplish your fitness routine.

Fitness Mecca Bacolod gym
A coach shows the use of this modern leg press.
Fitness Mecca Bacolod gym
One of the functions of the Omnia

Clean and spacious. The management commits to working hard to maintain their world-class facility, especially in terms of cleanliness and sanitation. They have a very spacious and modern bathroom with rain showers and of course, hot and cold water (a must). And oh, it’s air conditioned, too. The lockers will be added here in the near future (shipment delayed).

Fitness Mecca Bacolod gym
The shower room and toilet for women.

Fitness Mecca Membership & Fees

Fitness Mecca is open for membership. At P2,500 per month, members can enjoy all-around use of this Bacolod gym and its amenities. The membership becomes cheaper or discounted if you sign up for longer periods, such as quarterly, semi-annual, or annual. Walk-ins are accepted and the daily rate is P500. The coaches are on stand-by to help everybody but if you want to hire a one-on-one fitness instructor for close supervision, you may be able to at a P4,000 for 10 sessions.

Grand opening is on September 1, 2017.

Fitness Mecca Bacolod gym
Weights area

Fitness Mecca

Robinsons Citywalk
Mandalagan, Bacolod City
Open daily: 6am to 9pm
Mobile: 0977 281 2208
Fitness Mecca Bacolod gym
Fitness Mecca sits on a 700-square meter area at Robinsons Citywalk

As with all fitness regimens, it is best to maintain a healthy diet as well as supplements to keep you in tip top shape. In our family, we take quality products like Conzace Multivitamins and Minerals and Bewell C Sodium Ascorbate.

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