FC Bio-sanitary pads

FC Bio-sanitary pads for reproductive problems

FC Feminine Comfort Bio-Sanitary Pads for Most of Your Feminine Concerns


FC Feminine Comfort Bio-Sanitary Pads

For women’s intimate concerns, it is still best to use natural products. For me, FC Feminine Comfort Bio-Sanitary Pads is best.

FC Feminine Comfort Bio-Sanitary Pads - herbal sanitary pads - organic sanitary pads -feminine pads
FC Bio-Sanitary Pads for feminine health.

Reproductive Health

We live in a world now where a lot of things are affecting our health, especially our reproductive system. Many women are having a hard time getting pregnant, even after trying so hard and employing all medically sound and traditional methods. Others suffer from irregular or painful menstruation. Others experience more serious conditions, such as polyps or even cancer.

Many of these health conditions may be attributed to the sanitary pads that we use, which may not actually be sanitary at all.

Why sanitary pads are not sanitary

The popular sanitary pads that we often buy at the supermarket are not at all sanitary because they are made from discarded paper or wood pulp that was just softened, bleached, and applied with fluorescence to appear pearly white.

FC Feminine Comfort Bio-Sanitary Pads - herbal sanitary pads - organic sanitary pads -feminine pads
And all the while we thought that sanitary pads are indeed “sanitary”.

But these are harmful chemicals that are absorbed in the fiber, which eventually react and produce a dangerous product called dioxin.

What is Dioxin?

Dioxin is a very dangerous chemical that is “130 times more poisonous than cyanide and 900 times more poisonous than arsenic,” according to the reading material by the Avail company. They say that the International Cancer Research Centre has stamped dioxin as a “first class cancer-causing agent” in humans.

It was also reported that even low levels of dioxin in the body may cause breast cancer, infertility, miscarriage, uterine cancer, ovarian cancer, and other gynopathy. While can use antioxidants, it is best to avoid what can cause them.

What are FC Feminine Comfort Bio-Sanitary Pads?

FC Bio-Sanitary Pads provide the convenience of store-bought sanitary pads without the harmful side effects. It is made of natural materials infused with specially blended herbs to enhance women’s health. Even the surface is 100% cotton so as not to cause irritation and itchiness.

FC Feminine Comfort Bio-Sanitary Pads - herbal sanitary pads - organic sanitary pads -feminine pads
Herbal ingredients of the FC Bio-Sanitary Pads. Image from the company.

Moreover, it doesn’t contain bleach or fluorescent agent. The pH value of FC Bio-Sanitary Pads is neutral. It will give you a natural feeling of freshness.

Feminine Problems Addressed by FC Bio Sanitary Pads

Because of the herbal contents of the FC Sanitary Pads, they can prevent and even correct the following reproductive health concerns:

  • 1. Dysmenorrhea
  • 2. Bad odor discharge
  • 3. Back pain during menstruation
  • 4. Trichomoniasis
  • 5. Leukorrhea
  • 6. Vaginal itchiness
  • 7. Vaginal discharge
  • 8. Vaginal infection
  • 9. Hemorrhoid
  • 10. Urinary tract infection (UTI)
  • 11. Irregular menstruation
  • 12. Genital warts
  • 13. Endometriosis
  • 14. Hormonal imbalance
FC Feminine Comfort Bio-Sanitary Pads - herbal sanitary pads - organic sanitary pads -feminine pads
FC Feminine Comfort Bio-Sanitary day pads for medium flow.

Sigrid Says testimony

From the first time I had my period when I was 12, I never had it regularly or monthly. Sometimes it happens twice a month, sometimes twice a year. Sometimes, there is no blood flow and most times I just get brown discharges. It was crazy.


When I was in college, I went to an OB-Gynecologist and it was confirmed that I had PCOS, polycystic ovarian syndrome. In simple terms, I do not ovulate regularly so I don’t get regular menstrual periods.

There could be many causes to PCOS but I suspect it’s because of the many antihistamines, pain killers, and cold medicines that I took since I was a kid because of my allergies.

I am just thankful that I was able to conceive twice and gave birth to two lovely kids. Both were highly anticipated but not “planned” because our method was “hit or miss”. Truthfully, I lost count of how many times I tested for pregnancy because my PMS would feel like pregnancy symptoms. And I was disappointed many times that I thought I could never be a mommy.

FC Panty shields. At first, I used the panty shields only during my periods because of my light flow. But now, there would be one day when I would need day pads.

A Change

After the birth of my second daughter, it took 14 months for my period to occur again because I was breastfeeding. At this time, I was already introduced to the FC Bio-sanitary pads so I decided to give it a try. I don’t normally use sanitary pads, only panty shields, during my period because my blood flow is not very strong.


FC Feminine Comfort Bio-Sanitary Pads cost 10x than my cheap panty shields. But I thought about getting a quality product that is actually healthy for me. So I just decided to just close my eyes about the price. Yes, I use FC Bio-sanitary pads (the panty shields) during my periods only and not daily. But ever since I started using this product, my period came monthly.

For several months now, I can already plot that I have a 35-day cycle. It’s just a beautiful phenomenon for me because now, I can already expect my period monthly and it makes me feel good knowing that something in me is now working properly. All my life, I never thought that I can experience this.


Last month, I also felt pain on my lower abdomen because I wore tight jeans for more than 12 hours the day before. It was difficult to urinate, so I already suspected that I have UTI. I used the FC Bio-sanitary pads (panty shields) for several hours and the pain just disappeared. To make sure, I kept using it for 3 days until I was completely fine. That is why I am so happy with this product–I’ve had great experiences with it. —

Sigrid Says | Lovingly Mama, Bacolod Mommy Blogger

Personal note

I am not a medical doctor but I’m sharing FC Feminine Comfort Bio-Sanitary Pads with you because I have had wonderful experiences with this product.

However, I am not bypassing what your physicians have advised regarding your reproductive problems. If ever, ask your doctor about this. After all, this will in no way interfere with your oral medications.

Where to Buy

Furthermore, I am not selling this product either, but my friend is. In Bacolod, you may order FC Bio-Sanitary Pads through:

Jireh Grace Poquita
Mobile: 0917 995 7485
Follow Proactive Nanay Online Shop on FB: https://www.facebook.com/proactivenanay

Update: I have used the FC Feminine Comfort Bio-Sanitary Pads since my daughter Shane was 14 months. She just turned 5 years old and I am still using it. Cycle is still consistently 35 days.

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    1. Wow! I’m so happy I came across your post and to know that more women who have been trying FC Napkin/Pantyliner are having excellent results. I’m also a user of this product and I’m extremely satisfied as I used to have dysmenorrhea and pain in my lower abdomen and it was so difficult as it’s been affecting my work but FC Napkin/Pantyliner happened and I’m no longer worried whenever I’m having my period 🙂 I’m also an authorized distributor of this product, you might want to contact me as well if you want to try this 🙂 0997 233 3705. Thank you for sharing this post as I’m also going to share this to my buyers!

      God bless!

  1. These look like a great feminine product indeed. They seem great to carry around and use during the most distressing time of the month. I wonder if we have something like FC Sanitary pads where I live.

    1. Hmmm..I am not sure. It’s being sold by direct selling in the Philippines. But FC Feminine Comfort Bio-sanitary pads are made in China.

      1. Maid in china po sya maam. Pro may branch na po sya sa pinas. Isa po aq sa mga seller at user ng product. Ang galing po tlga nito.

  2. It is great to know about some product innovations that would boost health and healing. I have not heard of the FC Bio-Sanitary pads until now but it sure would be nice to have a chance to try it out.

  3. I have never heard this product before but base on what I read in this post, FC Bio sanitary pads is a good product that uses natural ingredients and also protects the health of all women most especially their reproductive health. Thank you for sharing this with us I will definitely try this.

  4. It’s sad that they add chemicals to products to make them appear to be clean when in fact that they are not. And it’s also sad so many people buy into the way of thinking that just looks on the appearance of things. Ladies should be more careful. Organic sanitary pads like the FC Feminine Comfort bio-sanitary pads would be one of the best options there is.

    1. Hello sir / maam i am a seller and a user of this product. This is so AMAZING AND SUPER EFFECTIVE.

  5. I never knew or thought to think about what a sanitary pad is made out of… until now! thanks for your info, I’m definitely interested in finding natural healthy ways to do all things! I will look for a local supplier of these FC Bio-sanitary pads!

  6. I had no idea about this! I use a Lunette cup most of the time but pads at night, will definitely look into these

    1. Pwdng pwd po maam. Brother ko may gallstone sya dati kya po aq nag decide na magpa member pra makatulong po ako sa brother ko noon. Awa ng diyos unti unting natunaw ung gallstones nya.

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