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A cabin crew of a Cebu Pacific flight wears a full PPE. In these difficult times, they are encouraging clients to go for buying travel insurance in order to prepare for unexpected circumstances.

Buying Travel Insurance: Is it Vanity or Necessity?


Buying travel insurance used to be ignored by travelers. Whether it’s from an insurance company or the airline company, people would usually forego this as an extra expense. But learn why you need it the most during this difficult Covid-19 era.

In this day and age, travel plans can change rapidly due to a variety of reasons. At this time, buying travel insurance for contingencies is becoming a must-have rather than a nice-to-have travel item. It has become a need.

Why Buying Travel Insurance Has Become a Need for Travelers

Having travel insurance assures every Juan that they and their trip investments are protected from unforeseen events.

More often than not, vacations are planned and booked in advance to get good deals. And because of the time and advanced costs, it may make sense to avail of comprehensive insurance that can cover a wide range of

The advantages of buying travel insurance include coverage, such as:

  • the ability to rebook flights in case of a postponed trip
  • loss or delayed arrival of baggage
  • incidental expenses for flight delays
  • medical emergencies outside one’s home country

Personal accident insurance coverage can be up to PhP2.5 million.

Travel Insurance Promos Bundled with Flight Costs

There are many choices for you when buying travel insurance. Some are even bundled or available right when flights are booked.

Cebu Pacific, for example, has CEB TravelSure, which provides extensive trip protection. It includes coverage for the costs and consequences of the following:

  • having injuries
  • illnesses
  • loss of personal belongings
  • trip cancellations
  • emergency assistance
  • other unforeseen travel situations
Benefits of CEB TravelSure.

Backed by the World’s Largest Insurance Provider

CEB TravelSure is underwritten by the Insurance Company of North America (a Chubb Company), one of the largest insurance providers in the world.

So why is buying travel insurance very important now? Imagine that you are enjoying that much-awaited beach trip and you get an injury that requires you to go to the hospital.

Aside from being a hassle, the event also puts a hold on your plans. But with CEB TravelSure’s emergency medical benefits, you don’t need to worry about the cost of treatment for injuries incurred during the trip.

Meanwhile, loss and damage to baggage during travel can also be stressful, especially if it happened in an unfamiliar place. In rare cases, some bags may also be accidentally placed on a different flight, resulting in a delay in the arrival of your baggage. There is an option to wait for it to be retrieved, but it is best to prepare for the unexpected and secure yourself with insurance.

Advantages of CEB TravelSure Travel Insurance

CEB TravelSure provides compensatio of up to P100,000 for lost
baggage, and up to P20,000 for damaged baggage. Mishaps before flying such as trip cancellations are also covered under CEB TravelSure.*

Furthermore, CEB TravelSure may also be carried over to rebooked flights, provided they are of the same route and duration.

Passengers ma avail of CEB TravelSure at an affordable cost and purchase it up to two hours prior to their flights. They can simply log on to the Cebu Pacific website and go to the ‘Manage Booking’ portal. Or they may call a reservation hotline.

CEB TravelSure may be purchased up to 2 hours before your flight schedule.

You can also immediately purchase it as an add-on when booking your flight.

*Coverage and premiums may vary depending on destination, trip costs,
and travel duration, among others. It is subject to the full terms and conditions of the Group Policy. For more informa7on on CEB TravelSure and its coverage, visit

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