Automated fare collection now experienced by modern jeeps in Bacolod City through the the business solutions provided by the beep™ app.

Automated fare collection now experienced by modern jeeps in Bacolod City through the the business solutions provided by the beep™ app.

beep™ Partners with Bacolod Coops for Automated Fare Collection

Automated fare collection now experienced by modern jeeps in Bacolod City through the the business solutions provided by the beep™ app.


beep™ operator AF Payments Inc. has recently gone live in Bacolod City in support of the automated fare collection needs of cooperatives operating the MBMJ and UY Transport Services, Inc. (plying Alijis – Central Market Loop and Bata – Libertad Loop) and RSJ Lines, Inc. (plying PHHC Homesite – Central Market).

beep™ App Allows for Automated Fare Collection

Commuters regularly traveling these routes have started enjoying more efficient, contactless fare payments. In addition, they can register their card to the beep™ app to be able to monitor their spending and earn rewards points (PHP1 spent = 1 point). The points can then be converted to load to be used as fare payment in LRT1, LRT2, MRT3, city buses, modern jeepneys, and the entire beep™ network. One can also convert rewards points to purchase items from Ministop and soon, more retailers will be accepting the rewards points. At present, every 200 points earned entitles the customer to redeem PHP1 worth of beep™ load in the app.

Meanwhile, operators benefit from an overall more efficient fare collection system than the traditional manual way which is prone to error and pilferage.

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~ Transport operators in Bacolod City partner with beep™ operator AF Payments Inc. to roll out an automated fare collection system in modern jeepneys in the city and all over the Visayas. Photos courtesy of MBMJ and UY Transport Services, Inc. and JMC Philippines ~

“AF Payments has started expanding our business footprint in the Visayas to empower transport operators in the region in their compliance with the government’s PUV modernization program. We are reaching out to business owners and cooperatives nationwide that are looking for a dependable cashless payment provider, in our shared goal of providing a reliable micropayments solution to the 70 million public commuters in the country,” said Sharon Fong, Chief Commercial Officer of AF Payments Inc.

A Revolutionary App for the Transport Sector

beep™ has previously onboarded major players in the Visayas region’s transport sector, including CMLDOT (Cebu Mepza Liloan Driver’s and Operator’s Transport Cooperative), UDOTCO (United Drivers and Operators Transport Cooperative), and Topline Marina.

The primary offering for coop/transport partners is an Automated Fare Collection System (AFCS), an efficient and modern way of collecting fares from passengers of public transport. Here, an AFCS device is installed in each vehicle in the fleet or in a transport terminal, and passengers can use it to pay their fare via contactless cards (beep™ cards) and digital payments like QR codes and tickets.

Other business solutions include, namely:

  • “Fleet Management System (FMS),” which enables tr operators to run their fleet of vehicles more efficiently and safely through a combination of vehicle tracking, full consumption reporting, monitoring driver behavior, and vehicle maintenance management
  • “QR Ticketing / QR Payment System” that maximizes the popularity of e-wallets in facilitating digital payments
  • “Barrier and Gate Solutions,” which serve as a control point to manage the flow of incoming and outgoing personnel or vehicles through beep™ card validators
  • “Central Ticketing Solutions”
  • “Queue Management System”, designed for transport terminal owners to help manage their operations and daily passenger flow more efficiently

“These business solutions can be customized depending on the need of our transport partner and may be bundled as packaged services to make it more economical and convenient for the client. Ours is a full ecosystem of related solutions that benefit operators, retailers, and end-users alike—business owners enjoy more efficient payment collection, recording, and remittance, whereas end-users experience the world-class convenience of paying cashless and earning rewards from our nationwide network of transport and retail partners. In view of this, we are also looking for loading and card distribution partners in the Visayas to support the expansion of our ecosystem to better serve the commuters,” Fong added.

AF Payments Inc. is a consortium of Metro Pacific Investments Corp. (MPIC) and Ayala Corp. that provides robust and proven reliable contactless payment solutions in the Philippines. It introduced the beep™ card, a stored value card used to pay fares in the three elevated railways (LRT-1, LRT-2, and MRT-3) in Metro Manila, select buses and PUVs nationwide, and in partner retail merchants. AF Payments is fully committed to continually introducing more innovative, cutting-edge solutions in the future, all geared towards making public commuting a more pleasant and productive experience for each Filipino.

Interested partners may get in touch with AF Payments via <>. More information is also available at the website <> and its official FacebookTwitter, and Instagram accounts.

About AF Payments Inc.

AF Payments Inc. is a consortium of Metro Pacific Investments Corp. (MPIC) and Ayala Corp. that provides contactless payment solutions in the Philippines through its integrated product and service offerings, thereby enhancing the transaction experience of every Filipino.

Its tap-to-pay system, the beep™ card, is available for use in all three elevated railways (LRT-1, LRT-2, and MRT-3), EDSA buses, P2P buses, and select PUVs, tollways, and retail partners. The beep™ card is reloadable and valid for four years.

Since its inception, beep™ has grown to offer a more robust automated payment collection system that accepts beep cards, QR tickets, and QR mobile codes, empowering businesses to expand their operations with cashless and safer additional payment channels.

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