A Tribute to Kathleen de Leon Jones


My daughter had been watching and is quite a fan of the Australian children’s show, Hi5. We used to watch it every morning on TV5 but when she started waking up late, we looked for episodes on youtube.

It was then we learned that what we were watching is the new version and that hi5 had been running for several years already.

Kathleen with the puppet Jupjup in her Hi5 segment. Photo from the internet.

Among the original cast members were Nathan Foley, Tim Harding, Charli Robinson Delaney, Kelly Hoggart, and yes, Kathleen de Leon who was later married to Daniel Jones of the now defunct duo, Savage Garden. She only left the show when she was about to give birth to her first child. She was the first member to exit the show.

Little do people know that Kathleen is a Filipina who was born in Manila but who only later migrated to Australia with her parents. I think that Kathleen was never given honor here in the Philippines being a performer in Australia but who is known by kids in many countries all over the world where Hi5 is being shown. I have never seen a feature about her in the Philippines.

Anyway, I guess I just want to say that I am proud of another Filipina’s feat like that. I just wonder if Kathleen still comes home to the Philippines? She should really be recognized here.

By the way, if I may say, I prefer the old hi5 gang. Even my husband finds Kathleen more cute than her replacement, a half-Filipina, Fely Irvine. We just love Hi5 and how educational and entertaining it is.

If ever we will afford a vacation in Australia, I would surely take my child to a hi5 concert or show! weeee That would be very memorable! Maybe someday, huh?

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