gall bladder cleanse - flush out gallstones

gall bladder cleanse - flush out gallstones

The Gall Bladder Cleanse Recipe to Flush Out Gallstones

It is easy to binge and get lost in all the revelry, forgetting our health. One of the organs that easily bear the brunt of our diet is the gall bladder. And the abuses we give it may produce gall stones.


Gall Bladder Cleanse to flush out gallstones naturally.

First of all, I want to greet you all a Merry Christmas! But with the holidays are the endless partying from breakfast to breakfast–yeah, from sunrise to sunrise. We eat and drink and are merry. It is easy to binge and get lost in all the revelry, forgetting our health. One of the organs that easily bear the brunt of our diet is the gall bladder. And the abuses we give it may produce gall stones.

gall bladder cleanse - flush out gallstones
Flush out gall stones naturally with this gall bladder cleanse.

No Symptoms

Based on what I have read, a lot of people already have gallstones and failing gall bladder health but they do not know about it until it is too late.

You see, you can go without symptoms until your gall bladder is already too full of stones that a surgical procedure that involves the removal of the gall bladder is needed.

Ingredients of this simple gall bladder cleanse. Photos from the internet.

Get Rid of Gallstones Naturally

But it does not have to be that way, thanks to four natural ingredients that you can take easily in a course of one week. These four ingredients are what make the Gall Bladder Cleanse Recipe. Of course, this is not my own and I am not taking credit for it.

This recipe was given to me by my uncle and my entire family has gone through this. We have shared this to some friends as well, even to two people who were already scheduled to have their gall bladders surgically removed.

Thankfully, they were spared from the knife because the discomforts have disappeared. For our two friends, it has been more than 10 years already and the pain has never come back.

My Testimony

So far, I have done the cleanse four times already. The first time that I did the gall bladder cleanse, my body released small brown and some green stones through loose bowel movement. I thought to myself, “Cool, there’s not much.”

But after six months, I thought of doing the gall bladder cleanse again in order to further cleanse my system. After all, there’s no overdose, just some effort. Little did I know that I would be scared with what I would see.

Diagram of the gall bladder. Photo from the internet.

The second cleanse enabled me to release about an ice cream cup full of brown and green gall stones. The green gallstones look like emeralds or those green kaong that we often put in out our fruit salad. One was so big that it was the size of my thumb! It was crazy!  And to think that I did not have symptoms at all!

Gall Bladder Cleanse Recipe

So here’s the simple procedure on how to cleanse your gallbladder and flush out gallstones naturally. Again, this is not my own recipe, but was only shared to me.

gall bladder cleanse - flush out gallstones
We prefer eating the fresh apples than drink apple juice. But others may find eating the fruit cumbersome, so the apple juice is an alternative. Find a good brand.


  • 25 apples or 25 glasses apple juice
  • 2 Tbsps. Epsom salt
  • 2 Glasses warm water
  • 1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil
  • 1/2 cup lemon juice
gall bladder cleanse - flush out gallstones
We used this brand of extra virgin olive oil because it’s affordable.

I bought affordable, sealed, and branded Epsom Salts from the Healthy Options Store. It’s not repacked, so you know it’s safe and original. In Bacolod City, the Healthy Options store is located at Ayala Malls Capitol Central.


  • Day 1 – 5 – No fasting required. Just eat five apples or drink five glasses of apple juice a day, anytime of the day, any which way you want. You can take them all in sitting or staggered throughout the day. You decide whatever is most convenient.
  • Day 6 – You will need to skip dinner. Yes, just one meal.
  • At 6 pm, take 1 Tbsp. Epsom salt mixed with 1 glass warm water. In my case, I put the salt in my mouth and just drank the warm water with it because I don’t like the taste.
  • At 8pm, repeat taking the Epsom salt and warm water solution again.
  • At 10 pm, mix the 1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil with the lemon juice and drink it all up. If you cannot drink it straight, make sure to stir it again to make sure that they mix. If you feel like throwing up, walk around and massage your tummy. It helps. You may also want to chew on sweet hard candy. That’s fine, I did that.
gall bladder cleanse - flush out gallstones
Hubby drinks up the extra virgin olive oil and lemon juice mixture in big gulps. Honestly, we hold our breaths because the oil has a nasty smell.

The next day, you will experience loose bowel movement early in the morning. This is a normal reaction. In my case, I first went to the toilet around 3am. Some of the gallstones usually come out with the fecal matter. But if they do, then you wouldn’t see them because they get mixed up in the poo. That’s okay.

What You Will Experience

You will feel the urge to go to the toilet about three to four times the following day, so make sure that the seventh day of your cleanse is your day off or you don’t have to go somewhere. This is the work of the epsom salt.

The second or third time that you go, there will be less solids so you will clearly see the green or brown gallstones floating on the water. You will know because waste matter usually sinks. You may also notice some small bits that look like orange pulp floating on the surface of the water. Those are cholesterol particles that came out with the cleanse.

Not Easy

I have to be honest that the cleanse is not easy, especially the olive oil and lemon juice part. I felt like throwing up. But I kept telling myself that a surgery is more painful and much more expensive. I kept telling myself that in order that I could keep the fluids down and keep me from throwing up. It is mind over matter, in this case.

gall bladder cleanse - flush out gallstones
The lemon juice and extra virgin olive oil mixture.

When you have expelled all the stones, the LBM will stop already and everything will be back to normal. It is best that you rest, like like down for a while, after your cleanse.

Jewel mine–green gallstones. This is not my photo. But I looked for a photo of gallstones that looked like some of those that came out of me. And I got this one from

If a lot of gallstones came out during your first cleanse, it is advisable to do it again after three or six months. After which, you can do it once a year.

I am actually due for another one. They say that women are prone to develop gallstones during pregnancy because of their sluggish digestive system due to the presence of the baby. I really have to do it early next year because I haven’t cleansed in more than two years now!

gall bladder cleanse - flush out gallstones
Here in Bacolod City, lemons can be a bit expensive. It is best to get them from the Central Market than in supermarkets. They are cheaper.

Photos of Gall Bladder Stones

Here are photos of my gallstones. I hope these don’t gross you out.

These are my gall stones after my first and second flush. I was not able to take a photo of my third.

Do the gall bladder cleanse regularly for better health! Have you done this already?

Note: This is a testimonial that I am sharing with you. I am not a medical doctor. Although some friends have experienced this cleanse to be curative, we treat this gall bladder cleanse as a preventive measure.

Share your experiences with us in the comments below.

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43 thoughts on “The Gall Bladder Cleanse Recipe to Flush Out Gallstones

    1. Don’t be scared Tito Jojo. Do try it. YOu will be surprised. However, with your blood sugar, you may need to monitor daily because apple has high sugar content.

  1. Hi Sigrid! I have tried this! I had three tiny gall stones but one was stuck in the neck area of my gall bladder. I was experiencing painful gall stone attacks for more than a year and the doctor recommended that I be operated. But I told her to just try giving me medications first. While I was on my 60-day medication, a friend recommended this and I tried. After this, I never had any gall stone attacks anymore and I no longer felt any pain.

  2. Hi sigrid.. i’m liza from malaysia.. may i know during day 1-5 can i take normal meal like rice or bread (breakfast, lunch and dinner). I got a little bit confusion there.. or i have to eat apples only during that period.. hope you can help me.. thank you..

    1. Hi Liza! Yes, you can eat regular meals from Day 1-5 along with the apples or apple juice. No fasting required. You only need to skip 1 meal, which is the dinner of the 6th day. 😀 Hope this helps. 😀

    1. I cannot guarantee the results for you nor would I recommend it for you because I am not a doctor. I do have two friends though who are scheduled for surgery who need not have to after the flush.

  3. I just had my gallbladder removed last november because it was diseased and stones were already forming. I’m in my late 20s, so yes take care of your gallbladders people.

  4. The olive oil and lemon juice cleanse sounds so difficult to swallow in this gall bladder cleanse! I had no idea that there were no symptoms with gall bladder stones, this sounds like a really natural way to flush them out~

    1. Yes, it’s hard to swallow. I won’t say it’s easy because it takes yucky. But it’s painless and very cheap, better than undergoing removal of the gall bladder.

  5. Looks very odd to have this gall bladder clease also. And this is the first time I am hearing about this thing. But I want to know, at what age it happens? ANd when should we start taking it?

  6. Oh my goodness well I do have bowel issues so I am worried as to what I might find if I attempt a gall bladder cleanse. But then again maybe I need to do a cleanse to make my body healthier, did it make you feel better after?

  7. Gall stones can affect your health greatly and it can be painful when you have too many stones or one big one. I think this cleanse is definitely going to help and it’s a better alternative to surgery!

  8. This is very interesting and very useful article. Having gallstones can really affect our everyday lives and this cleansing procedure is one of a great way to reduce or even remove gallstones.

  9. Wow, so many people need to read your blog post! Natural remedies are way better than pills and other procedure. I don`t have any problems so far but I bookmarked this and I will share it with my aunt. I don’t know when this gall bladder cleanse recipe will come in handy. Thank you!

  10. I haven’t heard of this method for a gall bladder cleanse. But since I hate doctors and drugs if I was to have a problem I would try it! Didn’t they hurt coming out? They look so big!!!

    1. Same care here, I don’t like going to the doctor’s clinic. It’s really because I don’t like waiting for so long until the doctor arrives.

      The gall stones didn’t hurt coming out. They just felt like, you know, the poo that comes out.

  11. This sounds like a wonderful recipe for anyone suffering from gallbladder issue. I’m sure it will benefit many people who are facing this issue!

  12. Oh dear, I had no idea gallstones could be such a problem! Isn’t it nice to have wise people around you, like your uncle, who know of natural treatments, such as this gall bladder clease? So often people wait until it’s too late (or they need surgery). Instead, with a few relatively painless measures, there are things that can be done to take their health into their own hands. Do you know, are there foods you can add to your diet on a regular basis that would help too? Or even those you should avoid? xx

  13. I am going to recommend this gall bladder cleanse to my friend who has gallstones. It looks like a great alternative to surgery. Thank you.

  14. That is just wild. I know my ex had her gall bladder removed because of gall stones. I wonder what would have happened if she had done a flush instead. Would it have been better in the long run. It seems like it might have been.

  15. Wow this is crazy. Your gall bladder cleanse seems very effective. Thank God I’m not having any of these issues at the moment, but in case for the future I’m definitely bookmarking your post.

    1. You can try it for routine cleanse. I didn’t have symptoms of gallstones before I did my first cleanse. Turns out, I had quite a lot. huhuhu

  16. wow, This gall bladder cleanse recipe sounds very effective. I do not have any symptoms as well and I have never had this problem, but if I did, this would definitely be something I would try. Doing something the natural way, like ridding the body of gallstones, always sounds like a safe choice.

  17. I think these gall stones are scary. Imagine those beads-like thing inside our body, truly scary. You are so awesome to share these tips.

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