Association of Negros Designers

Association of Negros Designers



Amidst a glittering fashion show
the Association of Negros Designers (AND)
was launched

Association of Negros Designers
The officers of the Association of Negros Designers. Owen Segovia Bayog Photography.

The fashion industry in Bacolod and Negros Occidental has improved much over the decades. More and more locals are ordering custom-made dresses and gowns and so more young designers have emerged and given their all to this glamorous industry.

But while many designers have had a good practice, there’s a need to band together to make the industry stronger and also to protect the designers, especially the newbies. And so  Dwight Morana thought of forming a group for Negros-based designers. As a Bacolod events coordinator, Morana has worked with many designers in the past. And make up artists, too, that’s why he was the one who also started the Makeup Artists Guild (MAG).

While the idea was there, everybody was so busy to get organized so it was only last May 2017 when the group had their first meet up. It was when the Association of Negros Designers (AND) was born. This is a group of designers in Negros that he envisioned to work hand in hand in making a greater legacy in the fashion industry. Bacolod-based designer Lea Carmela Bantug was voted as president. When the group met again the following month, the roster of officers was finally completed. They also planned their first activity, which was a training for all the members.

Association of Negros Designers
A design by AND President Lea Carmela Bantug. Owen Segovia Bayog Photography.

The training was held last July at Mayfair Plaza, with Bacolod veteran designers Tony de Ramos and Niyca Nava as the guest speakers. It was then that they planned their first event–the launching of the association in a glitzy fashion show.

Last September 1, 2017, in cooperation with L’Fisher Hotel Bacolod and the Makeup Artists Guild (MAG), the AND was launched in an elegant and well-attended fashion show. The officers and members showcased some of their stunning designs for evening wear. The event also featured creations by their mentor, Niyca Nava.

Association of Negros Designers
Designs by AND Vide President, Edwin Benitez. Owen Segovia Bayog Photography.

It is Morana’s vision to make the AND known and encourage more designers to join. He envisions to have at least 50 member-designers in the next three years.

 Association of Negros Designers
The officers of the Association of Negros Designers headed by President Lea Carmela Bantug (center) after the fashion show launch at L’Fisher Hotel Bacolod.


Lea Carmela E. Bantug – President
Edwin Benitez – Vice President
Dakila Jes – Secretary
Kathryn Gustilo King Li – Treasurer
Javon Dawa – Internal Public Relations Officer
John Rondain – External Public Relations Officer
Tia Lacson – Social Media Manager
Adrian Colmenares – New Media Coordinator
Rennie Braza – Member
Brylie Mirasol Hiponia – Member
Niyca Nava – Mentor

Association of Negros Designers
Creation from the House of Brylie. Owen Segovia Bayog Photography.
 Association of Negros Designers
Creations of Jayvon Dawa. Owen Segovia Bayog Photography.
 Association of Negros Designers
Jes Dakila of Dakila Couture. Owen Segovia Bayog Photography.

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